Thursday, May 20, 2010

A client's mother passed away, is it more appropriate to send flowers or food to the house?

The viewing and funeral were yesterday, and did not find out until after the fact.

A client's mother passed away, is it more appropriate to send flowers or food to the house?
I am sure either food or flowers would be welll received and appreciated, however, as this was a business associate, I would send a condolence card and enquire as to the deceased favorite charity and send a contribution in their memory.

I agree that is wise to check the local paper or obituary if possible. Some families request donations to charity in lieu of flowers.
Reply:Send a single white rose and food.
Reply:Since the funeral has already been held I would just send a card. When my mother passed we were getting cards weeks after the funeral
Reply:Flowers. I would hate to have to associate a favorite food with the death of a loved one.
Reply:Since it is after the fact, I would send a card and perhaps include a donation to any memorial that was listed. Usually they have so many flowers/plants already. I don't think it would be out of order though to drop off a casserole or a dessert, especially if they have family visiting yet.
Reply:A simple condolence card would be fine. Add a note inside that you are sorry it's late but regret the passing of her mother.
Reply:Flowers. Food is brought by close friends and family members.
Reply:They probably don't want too much fuss...

Reply:i have sent fruit baskets, they seem to be really liked.
Reply:Definitely flowers
Reply:It is appropriate, however, i would ask the client if the Deceased had a favorite charity. More and more, funerals have becone occasions for charity. many people request that in leiu of flowers, people donate the money to a charity. The charity will let the family know who kicked in and how much the final total was.
Reply:Has the family posted the standard flowers only or all donations to such and such a charity? Might want to check the local in memoriam/ deaths columns.

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