Saturday, May 22, 2010

How can I send flowers to someone in a different city?

Short of going to the city and using a credit card.

Also looking for a ballpark guesstimate on price of a delivery.


How can I send flowers to someone in a different city?
yes, 1-800 flowers. They have a bunch of shops, and there must be one near your friend or family member. Unless they live on an island or somewhere in Montana, where thay have more cows than people, they can deliver it. they have a website: , or you can call the number, which is 1-800-flowers (no duh)
Reply:1800! can be sent anywhere and offer same day delivery
Reply:You can just go to for great gift ideas, reviews of online forists and fancy chocolate/cookies. The cost will vary, but if you order through the above site you will get a discount! Flower delivery usually runs about $8 or so above the cost of the arrangement. You can also just say that you want a $30 arrangement including delivery and the shop will do it.
Reply:You can google a florist in her area or call teleflora or

go to

They have many different price points and designs. Good for you!
Reply:by mail, if its fake....
Reply:go to a flower shop and when you fill out the thing, write the out of town address on the thing.

i have no idea how much it would be.

i dont even know what in town deliveries cost..

Reply:Any flower shop -- they have connections.
Reply:for typical flowers being delivered, expect the least to be around $50. will connect to any city

delivery charges are usually $15+flowers and taxes
Reply:1-800-flowers works great and pretty cheap all things considered. i used it to send flowers to my mother on mothers day and she lives in florida and me in indiana and it will probably be around $50

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