Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why do people have there husbands/boyfriend send flowers to work?

Are they trying to show off or something. If you go home and see your husband/bpyfriend at home. Why bother to have it send to work?

Why do people have there husbands/boyfriend send flowers to work?
Usually it's done as a SURPRISE from their husbands/bfs. Now if there were others just to show off to their co-workers that someone is actually in love with them, it's pitiful.
Reply:Do they instruct them to deliver at work??? Or do the men just choose that themselves. ?
Reply:I think it's a matter of convenience most of the time. Boyfriend calls florist, the florist is open during regular business hours when everyone else is at work, so it makes sense to have them delivered to the workplace during regular business hours. If boyfriend works an odd shift he might go by the florist and pick them up himself, but otherwise, delivery is the way to go.
Reply:I spend more time at my desk than I do awake at my house. Therefore, it's a nice treat to have some flowers brightening up my workstation.

(I didn't get any yesterday though!)
Reply:It's a boost thing. Yea, showing off. They do that not only to show the recipient of the gift that they thought of them but to make sure everyone else can see how thoughtful they are also. That's my take on it anyway. I think it's more special to receive flowers and the like in private. I don't care if the whole office knows how wonderful you think you are, I only care how wonderful you are to me. Make sense?
Reply:well i get my flowers at home! and it's nice when i get home around 6 pm I have a hole 4 hours to spend with those beautiful flowers!

i don't get to see them in the day light because it's dark when i leave for work and dark when i come home! :( so i only get the light from my house!

Here is my deal! I want them to be at home but i want them to be at work so i can enjoy them! however i don't want the embarrassement of getting them at work!

does that make any sence!

That's why i asked my partner to bring them home and personaly give them to me! it means more! but the only part i hate about that is i don't get to see them unelss it's a weekend and to day is FRIDAY!!! ~! :) YIPPY!

so this time i will get to enjoy them!
Reply:Because we are at work and there is no one at home to take them in if they are delivered and of course all your colleagues see them and give there partners a hard time because they did not get any
Reply:To make the day better. Getting flowers at work relieves stress and just makes you feel good. I got a bouquet at work, and each of my female coworkers got a box of chocolates. When I got home, I got the roses. My coworkers think my husband is thoughtful.
Reply:i think because it shows them they care about them, and they don't care who see's that theyre in love. and it shows the husband or boyfriend is thinking about them all the time.

i think it's very cute, once it happens to you.

they want the whole world to know that someone special works there......i don't think people HAVE there significants send flowers...i think the sender makes the decision.
Reply:Most girls I know don't HAVE them send the flowers to work that's entirely the guy making the decision and the girl doesn't know until the flowers arrive. Most girls I know are more embarassed by it. Why are you bothered by what other people do? the flowers don't affect you (or at least they shouldn't)
Reply:Public demonstration of love.

When I love a woman, I want the world to know. I want her to smile, and feel wonderful.
Reply:Simple.You get more attention .Eveyone looks at it and tells you how lucky you are to have an man that loves you that much
Reply:It's OK for men to send women flowers at work. a.) It lets the whole world know they love each other. b.) The woman can enjoy the flowers for a few extra hours on Valentine's Day. c.) If the woman is having a bad day at work, it is a huge pick-me-up.

Just to let you know, you can have flowers sent to yourself at work on Valentine's Day and tell everyone you decided to pamper yourself. Women do send themselves flowers. Valentine's Day is just a friendly, harmless day. No need to get upset over it. I mean, I have someone, and they live 6 hours away, so it's not like I was able to spend time with my boyfriend. Did I let that get me down? Nope.
Reply:no they just want to feel special
Reply:It's more often than not a surprise when you get flowers anywhere. So I don't think it's a question of why do people have them delivered to work, coz you don't normally ask for flowers. It's called being romantic........
Reply:I will think only to show off that their husbands or boyfriend do special things for them, unless the sender really mean it and want to show the whole world that he loves that person!!
Reply:Because it is nice to get flowers at work (at anythme).
Reply:Well, considering that flowers are a gift, I'd seriously doubt the woman would know about it in the first place, therefore she couldn't "tell" him to send them to her work.
Reply:I really think that us women, don't encourage men to send flowers to work, I think that the men in there lives,really want to do it.And the women should be happy that there man even thinks about them on that holiday.most women don't even get anything. it sounds that your very bitter, you really need to chill out.
Reply:I think that men send the flowers to where the women are going to be - if she's going to be home, they send it to the house but if she's at work they send it to the company address. I've sent flowers to my mother and mother-in-law - the florist doesn't guarantee what time they will deliver and someone needs to be available to accept them. If they were left out side then they would wilt in the heat or freeze in the cold. And most florists deliver during the safer to send to the job adress.
Reply:No they are not showing is a way for them to have them and enjoy other than at home and allow others to bask in the beauty of flowers......
Reply:My girlfriend and I don't live in the same city, so we don't get to see each other every day. I had flowers sent to her office because I wasn't going to see her, and there was nobody to accept them at her house during business hours. Also, I sent them because I was thinking of her and she likes flowers, not because she had me send them.
Reply:Yes, My husband is showing off that he is kind, thoughtful, romantic, and generous. And it makes the other ladies envious. :) :) :) :)

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