Monday, May 17, 2010

Women do you like it when your Hubby sneds you flowers and vice versa?

I send my wife flowers every month. Recently I was surprised that she sent me a bouquet of flowers. Women do you like receiving flowers from your husband? Men do you like receiving flowers from your wife? It felt a little weird but I guess the thought was nice. Why would she send me flowers?

Women do you like it when your Hubby sneds you flowers and vice versa?
She sent you flowers to show you that she cares and appreciates all the times you have done the same for her. You guys sound like a wonderful couple!! And yes, I love it when I get flowers, or a card, or any little thing that shows he's thinking of me! So sweet!
Reply:I love to get Flowers , I dont usually send my Hubby any though, I get him Things he needs , that can be used on a daily Basie's
Reply:I personally don't like flowers. Don't get me wrong, I love to receive gifts from the guy in my life (and anyone who I care about) but I don't actually like flowers.

Gifts in general, I like it when he gives me something that shows he cares and was thinking about me, even if it's just something silly like a packet of sweets.

I would buy a man a gift on his birthday and on Christmas, but it would feel a little weird buying him little gifts at random. I suppose I might, if I was away on holiday or a trip, bring him back a gift. Overall I think it's something men do to be sweet to their girlfriends or wives. I don't feel I NEED him buying me stuff all the time and too much would make me uncomfortable, but it's cute from time to time.
Reply:I'm not a big fan of flowers. After all, they're dead and then they turn brown and get all over the place. And, as my husband and I discovered years ago, the cat will drag them out of the vase and eat them. The only place that's safe is on top of the fridge, which is kind of silly.

I prefer things like CDs and electronics. I usually buy him CDs, books or software.
Reply:Sure, (boyfriend, not hubby, btw) but even better have been the few occasions when we have been walking through a park or something and he dashes off into the bushes and comes back with a freshly picked flower. Those are the ones I have actually dried out and saved.

And, I've given him flowers too. Usually single red roses, and always as a surprise when he was having a not so great day. He saves the ones I've given him too in a box on his dresser.

Thought that counts.
Reply:I'm not the least bit romantic, so it's not a big deal to get or not get flowers. My husband knows this and knows I'd rather he spent the money on something else....something more worthwhile. Plants that I can replant in the yard aren't too bad, but cut flowers that die in a few days are such a waste in my opinion.

I wouldn't in a million years dream of buying my husband flowers.
Reply:I have sent my husband flowers just for the heck of show him I was thinking about him and I had a very good response. My FAVORITE thing for him to do is to just stop somewhere and PICK me some on the way home...I LOVE IT when he does that!!!!!!
Reply:My fiancee doesn't really care for flowers, she'd prefer chocolate. I prefer beer over flowers.
Reply:From a guys perspective. Flowers die, aren't useful and make for a terrible gift for a man. Don't give men flowers.

However women like them and men like women.

So we often give them as gifts. Also its really easy to call a florist and have them sent and requires little thought. So we like that too.
Reply:I would rather plant the roses, so she will plant some tulips (two lips).

I know, a very lame attempt at humor,
Reply:I refuse to sned my woman anything!

I have never received a gift from a woman outside of my family in my life, so I can't answer the portion in regards to receiving on my end. I have sent flowers a good many times to women who I see working on valentine's day. It isn't Valentine's day unless you spread the love. :D
Reply:My husband sent me a dozen white roses yesterday. I like it very much indeed.

Emerson said"The earth laughs in flowers". Maybe she was sending you a little Springtime mirth.

It occurs to me, though, that you should ask your wife why she sent them and not a group of utter and complete strangers.
Reply:We don't do the flower sending thing. We're both too practical and would rather save the money to go out to dinner.
Reply:Maybe she felt a little guilty cuz you always send her flowers........I don't mind receiving flowers on say an obvious day.........But I'll be honest they don't really do that much for me either.......I'd much rather receive something that takes more thought.......It's sweet but stale........don't tell my husband that though. sigh
Reply:The guy I'm seeing once told me that if he had been able to afford it, he would have given me a rose for Valentine's Day. (He had given me some chocolates, though.) That would have been nice, but just hearing that he'd wanted to was ten times better.
Reply:It's funny you bring that up, in this country (Netherlands) so many flowers are grown that they are considered an all-round gift and men receive them too, although less so than women. I come from the country next door, so I found it odd to begin with, but it seems this is one of the few countries where you can walk down the street with a giant bunch of roses and not have everyone looking at you.
Reply:Flowers are nice, I rarely get them (my family are opposed to flowers - don't ask why lol) but I like to send them to friends, especially if they're house proud and have a nice vase sitting around doing nothing. My ex loved weird looking flowers so I used to buy him anything I thought looked like Triffids, but I haven't bought any for current one. Maybe she just wanted to share the surprise and do something nice for you in return? You could always ask her for chocolates if you were a bit bewildered by the flowers! :-)

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