Monday, May 17, 2010

Is it inappropriate to send flowers to a busy workplace?

I really want to send some flowers to a special someone at work, but she is a manager at an upscale fine-dining restaurant. It is certain to be busy, and I don't want the flowers to be a distraction and disrupt the entire restaurant... Should I do it? Does good will intent help me here? haha

Is it inappropriate to send flowers to a busy workplace?
no shes still a person...go for it you sweet thing
Reply:No at all! In fact, that wonderful woman of yours will get plenty of attention as people take a moment from running about to make a bit of a fuss over her. You're in for big brownie points, buster!
Reply:You could try to time your delivery for times when the floor is slower. Does the restaurant serve lunch? If not, ask your florist to deliver in the first half-hour of the dinner seating.
Reply:Maybe I read that wrong. Did you mean "a special person you happen to work with"? Or that you want to send them to a special person, while they are at work"?

I would say it is inappropriate. You know how busy it all is. If she's too busy to take calls ... It intrudes on the workplace, and if you don't know her well enough to ask her out, even out to lunch, then you really shouldn't send flowers or gifts to her workplace.

People who do that are really implying that they have some kind of understanding, and sending signals to her colleagues. Can't you wait %26amp; be introduced to them as her boyfriend? Why be so unsubtle, trying to stake a claim publically? I think it is a bit soon and will backfire as a move.
Reply:I don't see that that would be much of a distraction. The hostess will receive them and take them or have them taken back to the office. No big deal.
Reply:Personally, I would love it because everyone would see. I would be happy to have such a personal display of affection. Depends how long you two have been together though, whether she would take this as too much or not. Perhaps you could also request the flowers to be sent at a slower time of day, say between lunch and the evening as not to disrupt things as much.

Hope it works out for you! What a sweet idea. :)

Reply:most deff send them. it will make her smile in the midst of chaos. she'll love it.

p.s. you're really sweet! lol
Reply:That is a very sweet, women like flowers especially if she get it by surprise.
Reply:I don't think so I work for the State Police and there is always people getting flowers.
Reply:yes do it! She will be so happy to receive them at work! Especially for everyone to see! It may even make her smile on a busy day!
Reply:i think it would be sweet to do something like that, but if you are having some doubts than you might want to wait till after her shift is over or meet her some wher else.

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