Monday, May 17, 2010

Send Flowers to Work or Give Them to Her Personally?

Valentines Day is a week a way and I'm stuck deciding if it would be better to send flowers to my girlfriend at work or wait until she gets home and give them to her before I take her out to a nice dinner.

If sending them is the way to go, would there be a better choice of flowers to send since she commutes nearly an hour to work? I didn't know if flowers in a water vase would cause her trouble transporting them.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Send Flowers to Work or Give Them to Her Personally?
send them to her work, and if you think the commute may be to much for a vase see about getting the flowers in a decorative baket or something that she can lay flat.
Reply:I would send a small arrangement in a vase and then when she gets home surprise her with a single red rose. You get the best of both, and she won't be expecting the rose at all.
Reply:Flowers in a vase probably would be somewhat difficult to transport, so I would vote "no" on sending them to work (although that is a sweet idea). (might tip over easily in a car) You'd have to consider how big and sturdy the vase is for that. You should look for vases that aren't narrow at the bottom, making them top-heavy, and that aren't too delicate. And make sure there aren't too many flowers in the bouquet that would add to the "top-heaviness." The easiest choice would be to wait until she gets home. You could send just a single rose with its end in an enclosed capsule of water in any beautiful vase and then she wouldn't have to worry about water spilling. (or get her roses corresponding to the number of weeks/months/years you two have been dating--6 months, 6 roses--and have all with the enclosed containers of water)
Reply:definitely send them. it lets her show off a little at work and it will make her feel very special. as far as what kind... what's her favorite?

my favorite is daisies and i had one boyfriend that insisted on getting me roses. he said they meant more. i didn't enjoy them at all. my current (hubby for 9+years) bought me three dozen daisies and gave them to me the night i got back from a three week trip! i've never forgotten them. i also absolutely loved the sentiment. they were three of my favorite colors. it was the fact that he knew what i liked and went with it to make me happy, not just the traditional. it was really special.
Reply:Send them to work the best part of getting flowers is haveing all the girls at work know and see them. Send her favorite flower or roses or a beutiful boquet. She will probalby leave them at work so people can see them and most people spend more awake time at work so she will enjoy them more at work.
Reply:Send them to her at work IF she has an office or desk or something she can leave them at. Getting a delivery is always so fun and exciting at work. Plus, odds are lots of girls will get deliveries that day, so it will be special for her. But, if then she can't leave them there to enjoy in her office and she would NEED to take tehm home it might be better to have them at home. But a work delivery is definitely my top choice.
Reply:Sending would be nicer as she'd get them at work. I'm sure she wouldn't mind carrying around some beautiful flowers :)
Reply:Do both! Send her a bouquet at work, and then give her a single rose before dinner.

As far as sending a vase with the ones to work... she might just leave them there to be able to enjoy while she's working. She'll probably be able to look at them more than if they were at home, anyway. And, if she decides to bring them home, she can just dump out most of the water, and fill it back up when she gets home. They won't die in an hour.
Reply:The effort of having them sent is much more noticed and appreciated. If it were me, I'd have them sent to the job.
Reply:Michelle J has the right idea, why not do both. Send her flowers at work. She will kinda expect them, and she can show off to her girlfriends at work what kind of guy she has. Then, you could surprise her with more flowers at home. If you live together, then clean the house for her, and have more flowers waiting for her. If you have time, decorate the house with red and pink balloons, you can buy them by the dozen at the stores for cheap and blow them up yourself. Make her a sign and hang it up.

One time I decorated the apartment for my gf. Another time, I went to her work, dressed up on my Air Force Class A uniform, decorated her car with balloons and stuff, and then went inside with flowers to let her know I loved her. It might embarrass her, but everyone was staring because it wasn't everyday a man in uniform came into where she worked.

The flowers in a vase, she can easily put them in the seatbelt for the ride home. If that doesn't hold, just get a bungy cord and put in her car before the 14th. She may wonder, but she can use that and wrap the cord around her seat, and then strap the flowers in for the ride home. She may even leave them at work, to show them off, and have something to think of you at work.
Reply:if you're going to send them to her make sure its when people can see her get them, like at work. that's the best part =)

if not, giving them personally is always really sweet too. it's not really a right-wrong decision, just whichever you like.
Reply:I would send somthing (ask the florist) to her work with a cute note hinting on whats up for the night. The flowers should be somthing she can leave on her desk if she has one. Then get her some flower that she can put in a vase later, to give to her when you meet for dinner. Definally send some to work though, letting her coworkers see what kind of a man she has, is a real boost for any girl!!!

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