Monday, May 17, 2010

I am sending flowers to a girl for her birthday. should i send red, yellor or pink?

Note: We are just friends.

I am sending flowers to a girl for her birthday. should i send red, yellor or pink?
well my absoult favorite is yello ones i LOVE 'em!! it matters what you are sayin red says ill love you forever yellow says your everything %26amp; pink says you are beautiful but dont forget white it says i love you just the way you are if you want to say all of that if you could afford it i mean it would cost a lot you could send the different colors at different parts of the day you know what i mean so then she would know that yoru really thinkin about her!! GOOD LUCK!! :)

pink is really for expressing grattitude or appreciation... something along those lines.

red is for love. hands down. you dont give red roses to a friend.
Reply:That is sooo sweet, but unless u dont like-loe her, flowers are not very smart. a cd or something she wanted for christmas says " Hey,Happy B-day buddy" instead of " Hey, Happy B-day, does this impress u enough to go out cuz I really do like u", knwo wut I mean. gud luk
Reply:You can send a variety. This time of year they have the most vibrant colors. Make sure they use white too.
Reply:Yellow = Friendship

Pink = Thankfulness

Orange = Facination

Red = Love %26amp; Respect

White = Innocence %26amp; Secrecy

Coral = Desire

Fun to learn that, thanks for the quesiton.

Reply:not red. the other two are fine.
Reply:my vote is

Reply:I would go with light pink.

Light pink roses imply grace, gentility and admiration

Check out this webpage, and it will tell you what the different colors (and different kinds) of flowers mean.
Reply:Here read this it may help you make the right choice.

The colors of roses mean different things for different occasions;

Red Roses: Love, Respect, Courage.

White Roses: Reverence, Purity, Innocence, Secrecy.

Red and White Roses: Unity.

Pink %26amp; Peach Roses: Gratitude, Appreciation, Admiration, Sympathy.

Yellow Roses: Joy, Gladness, Freedom, Friendship

I say Yellow. dont yo uthink. it means joy and friendship. so go with yellow.



Reply:yellow, maybe pink. A mixed bouquet with blues and purples etc is good for a friend.

Not red!

Dont probably get white either.
Reply:Well it all depends on what kind of friend she is? if she's just Ur friend send pink, if she's sick in the hospital on her b-day send yellow and red if its Ur girlfriend. get it got it good!
Reply:Send yellow then, cause red is hot and pink makes ya weak
Reply:pink... red means love and yellow means friendship... just picked it up from somewhere. :]
Reply:Traditional meanings are red is love, yellow is friendship, and pink is affection. Go with pink.
Reply:Well I would say pink roses
Reply:You should send yellow. Red usually indicates love, and pink usually indicates you'd like to get to know her better. Yellow or white are innocent.
Reply:Red flowers, since it's xmas, put a xmas card in there too.
Reply:Red means love, white means peace, pink cosider to be love but yellow, should be allright. Yellow will develop friendship, but giving her 3 piece of flower will shoe that you are atrracted to her.
Reply:Well...I have always heard yellow roses represent friendship :)
Reply:send her a mix of colors. colors mean different things in different cultures.
Reply:Yellow is for friendship. Pink would probably be confusing. Red is right out.
Reply:If she's your friend only, I would send the yellow. I think pink and red mean something more serious.
Reply:Typically, red means love, and yellow means friendship. Im not sure about pink. Go with the most appropriate meaning.
Reply:pink and yellow.
Reply:pink for sure!
Reply:yellow is a really nice color for her if you are just friends. like someone said, redis very forward, and pink would be really girly. but yellow, well, i guess it's a friendly color. makes people happy, you know?
Reply:why not white and pink?
Reply:yellow :0)


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