Monday, May 17, 2010

Does romantic things like sending flowers really worK?(for girls)?

Yes, it does. It's old fashion, but it's really cute.they'll like it. Just make sure she doesn't have allergies.. because that could ruin it.

Does romantic things like sending flowers really worK?(for girls)?
NOT neccessarily....LOVE comes from all d small things that u do for her n vice bf never bought me a flower nor take me to dinner but I LOVE HIM sincerely cause of d things we do 2gether....LOVE is to cheap to be classified in all comes from the heart.... Report It

Reply:Everytime my bf does that I fall in love all over again. Its so sweet and thoughtful Report It

Reply:not if they find out y
Reply:depends on what kind of girl you have!!!
Reply:Sometimes. It depends on why you are sending them. If it is "just because", a birthday or anniversary, yes, they really work. If you are sending them for a "get out of jail quick" reason, no, they don't always work. Just don't over do it. Someone kept sending me flowers and after awhile, I hated to see the florist show up at work.
Reply:roses, a bear , %26amp; or chocolate~ YES
Reply:for most girls yes when i say most i mean like 99.9% of us
Reply:YESS! We love that stuff..but don't forget chocolate, jewelry, and love notes.
Reply:Only if they like you
Reply:If it (the flowers) are sent with a sincere heart. Then yes, it certainly does.


Reply:It only works if the girl likes you
Reply:For some, not me.

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