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When someone dies where do you send the flowers?

Are you supposed to send the flowers to the church where the services are being held or to the house where the family is staying?

When someone dies where do you send the flowers?
usually you send them to the church and then the family will bring them home after the service. but if you were close to the family you may want to send one to the church and a smaller arrangement to their home.
Reply:You either send them to the Funeral home or you send them directly to the family who has had the loss.
Reply:If there is a viewing (at a mortuary), send the flowers there. The morticians will make sure that the flowers get sent to the church and/or the graveside. If there is a memorial service (with no viewing or a private graveside), you can send the flowers to the church. There are also other alternatives to flowers: live plants or donations to a charity.
Reply:Send it to the funeral home and they will take care of the rest.

Reply:I have always sent them over to where the wake is. After the wake, they bring some flowers to where the funeral will be and some for the place of burial. Then all extra flowers are usually sent over to a local nursing home.

That's just the way our families have always done it.
Reply:Either is perfectly acceptable, sending them to the familys home is easier on them, in terms of transporting flowers after the service.
Reply:To the house, if you are close to the family, otherwise to the funeral home - they will transport the flowers to the church.
Reply:The funeral home
Reply:I agree with the 2nd answer. Its usual (in the UK at least) to send or take them to the funeral directors/funeral home where the deceased is resting,so that they can be taken to the funeral and consequently the graveside/crematorium afterwards. Make sure that the florist knows the time of the funeral so that they can get the flower there in good time if you are not taking them yourself. If you are taking them, there will be someone on hand to receive them from you when you get there so that you don't have to wonder what to do with them. At funerals we have attended, we have had the flowers sent or taken them an hour or so prior to the start of the funeral. God bless.
Reply:Make a donation in the deceased name. It is better than flowers. Flowers for funerals are quite expensive only to die a week later. A donation could really help.
Reply:it depends. if you want to send sympathy flowers you send them to the family's house. if you want to send some in memorial of the person who passed then you send them to the funeral home. or you could ask the family what they prefer. when my mother passed we requested no one send us flowers just to send them to the funeral home to be put on her grave once she was buried. my father felt the flowers were useless to us and the thought was still the same. to him the flowers being sent to us was just something for us to look at and remind us of the pain we were feeling.
Reply:Usually to the funeral home that is conducting the service. Most obituaries will tell you if the family is accepting flowers, as many would rather a donation be made to a cause that is important to either them or the deceased.
Reply:Either to the house, or the undertakers who are dealing with the funeral
Reply:To the venue where the wake is held. It is, after all, where the casket and most of the family will be.
Reply:to the church
Reply:typically you send the flowers to the mortuary handling the services
Reply:sending to the house is better, because the ones at the service are either given away or have to be painstakingly transported to the house.
Reply:If the service is going to be at a church, mortuary, or grave side and you want them to go to the final resting place then you would send them there. If you are sending them to the family then you would send them to the house. .

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