Monday, May 17, 2010

What is the best way to dry flowers?

My boyfriend sent me flowers via UPS from ProFlowers for Valentine's day that I recieved this morning. What is the best way to dry them so I can preserve them and when should I do it? i don't want to dry them before they peak, but I don't want them to die before I dry them out either.

What is the best way to dry flowers?
silica gel beads work very well (you can buy them in any craft store). or you can hang the flowers upside down in a low humidity room for several days (some of the petals may fall off this way, though).
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This sounds funny but it works. Put them in kitty litter and dry them in the microwave.

Go here for info -

Reply:What I do is before they start wilting hang them upside down in my conservatory. I don't know if its the best way but it works for me.
Reply:You just hang them upside down and let them dry out.
Reply:If they are roses, hang them upside down for several weeks and just let them dry, then go to a craft store and look for flower preserver. Its like wax. Leave the head on the stem, then immurse the flower in the melted solution and allow to dry over some newspapers. Then put the flower under a glass dome to keep dust off it. You can also dry them in silica powder. Just cut the fresh flowers off the stem and make a shallow bed of the silica powder in a bowl. Place the flower in it right side up then gently pour the silica powder over and around the flower until it is completely covered. Put on an air tight lid and put it away for a couple of weeks and do not disturb it. Then gently remove the powder and take out the dried flowers. Both methods work very well, but the silica tends to leave a sandy coating on the flowers I think. Have fun with your flowers!

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