Monday, May 17, 2010

Sending flowers while she's at work???!! yes or no?

Yes, she's gonna be happy and you most likely gonna haxe sex tonight. :þ Unless you send the flowers to apologize because you did something wrong?

Sending flowers while she's at work???!! yes or no?
Receiving flowers at work is like accepting a trophy in front of all your friends.
Reply:Yes, That's very very sweet. She'll love it and it'll earn you heaps of brownie points.
Reply:yes, it can be a nice surprise.
Reply:Yes but dont send a return address so she think it was from somebody else then have a card waiting for her after work and say this card go with your flowers. She will fall in love with you all over again. Trust me!
Reply:i think that is so sweet i only had two people in my life ever do that for me one was a bf and one was my best friend knowing that i was having just such a bad day and it really made me feel great u sound like a real romantic keep up the good work and she is a real lucky lady
Reply:Yes, it is a wonderful expression of your love for her...sort of like "telling the world" that you love her. It will warm her heart... trust me. My ex used to do that for me.
Reply:absolutely Y.E.S!!!!
Reply:Yes--that is so romantic!
Reply:Yes, if you have progressed beyond two dates and you know the feeling is reciprocated. It's the worst to send them to someone too soon and have them think you are a psycho. If your relationship is stable, definitely send them. If it's newer, send them to her house.
Reply:Omg yes. It is incredibly romantic, plus lets her know that you are not afraid to let the rest of the world know she is the most wonderful woman alive in your eyes.
Reply:if you want to really make her smile and feel special then its perfect go for it

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