Monday, May 17, 2010

Need help wording a thank you letter for a business that sent funeral flowers?

A business that I do not work for sent flowers to my family members funeral. Any ideas how it should be worded?

Need help wording a thank you letter for a business that sent funeral flowers?
A thank you letter is much too formal. I think a handwritten thank you inside a thank you card would be more appropriate for such an occasion. The business I work for sends flower arrangements to funerals, and the only thing I've seen in return is a thank you card.

You don't need to write anything too lengthy. Just something in your own words, like:

The flowers you sent were a beautiful gesture. During this difficult time, it reminded our family that others are keeping us in their thoughts and prayers. Your thoughtfulness is truly appreciated.


During this difficult time, the flowers you sent were a beautiful reminder of the love and support of family and friends. Your thoughtfulness is apprectiated.
Reply:To the Employees and Management of (Name the Business),

Thank you for the thoughtful arrangement of flowers sent to the recent funeral service of (Name the Deceased).. They were greatly appreciated by the family and friends in attendance..


(your name)
Reply:Dear (Name of Company),

Thank you for your lovely tribute of flowers for the funeral of (Name of Family Member). **** Your kind thoughts and sympathies are very much appreciated at this time by (Name of Widow/er, Children or other immediate family) and all (Family Member's name)'s many friends and family.

Yours sincerely,

(Name of Person Signing)

If you wanted it to be a little more personal, you could add something where the asterisks are, such as "S/he was a wonderful friend and caring person, and all the family have been deeply moved by the many tributes we have received."
Reply:the family of the late (name of deceased family member), would like to thank you for your beautiful flowers in the hour of our bereavement. may God bless you and keep you always.
Reply:Dear _________,

Thank you for remembering our family during this difficult time. Your thoughtfulness and generosity were much appreciated.


(family name)


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