Monday, May 17, 2010

Is there a way to send fresh flowers through courrier keeping them fresh for 6-8 days?

i want to send fresh flowers to several friends through a professional courriers , so i want to know if ther is a way to spray something on the flower boquet so it can stay fresh for 8-10 days

Is there a way to send fresh flowers through courrier keeping them fresh for 6-8 days?
I am assuming you wish to send you own personally grown flowers, if not find a local florist where you wish to have them delivered and do it by phone. If you are sending your personally grown flowers, ask your local florist what they use. Most florists, like any artist, likes to talk about what they do and how they do it. You just don't need to tell them that you plan to bypass their product and are sending your own flowers.
Reply:I just herd this the other day but haven't tried it yet add 2 capfulls of bleach to a vase of water and set cut flowers in it. the person who told me this said that even roses lasted weeks without drooping.
Reply:when u get the flowers crush an asprin in to some flat cheep lemonadeinsted of water. this works really well i used to sell flowers and this was how i kept mine fresh for days.
Reply:Would it not be better to use a service like Interflora, I think it will work out cheaper and the flowers will be fresh as a daisy.
Reply:Interflora can do that. You will find them in Yellow pages
Reply:I would use a company like Interflora, Teleflorist or Flowergram. 6-8 days for flowers being out of water is too long and you would have no guarantee that they would still be alive when they arrived, If you one of the national/international companies you will be getting fresh flowers and you will have a come back if they are not in perfect condition or not what you asked for. The other thing you could do is check for a florist in the area that you are wanting to send to this cuts out the middle man and the service charge that come with using them.

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