Monday, May 17, 2010

Been seeing a girl, she lives 1.5 hrs away and we see each other weekends. Sending flowers kidna creepy?

No, its a nice touch. Go for it.

Been seeing a girl, she lives 1.5 hrs away and we see each other weekends. Sending flowers kidna creepy?
Girls love getting flowers. There is never ever anything wrong with sending flowers to a girl. Do it and she will be so very happy.
Reply:What is creepy about sending flowers? An hour and one half or a day and a half it is ok to send flowers. It is an excellent thing to do. You did not say how this person got to be that far. Did she move away, did you? You also did not say ages involved. If you are sophomore in high school then sending flowers is different than if you are in your twenties. In the latter you are makingn a rather clear statement. So make up your mind based on the details of your connection, besides it cannot hurt, girls love getting flowers, no matter who they are from.
Reply:Not creepy at all....very thoughtful and very sweet! I think she'll be happy that you're thinking of her when she leasts expects it!
Reply:hell no!
Reply:Why is that creepy? It is a very nice thing to do. She will appreciate it.
Reply:it would be sweet it let's her know that you are thinking about her.
Reply:That is not creepy at all...just do it just because it's Wednesday...and make sure they are beautiful and huge and unique... and send them to her job...she will feel appreciated by her man...
Reply:not creepy at all she will love it!
Reply:Send her a single red rose, and on the card put, "Been thinking of you, cant wait to see you again." PERFECT!
Reply:No, on the contrary; it's a nice way of letting that her know that you are thinking of her! She will know you have a romantic streak and she'll love you for it. Just don't do it too often or it will lose its charm.
Reply:no. Sedn her a nice bouquet of mixed flowers. Very nice gesture.
Reply:I use to have a job delivering flowers to people and let me tell when you walk into an office full of women and one of them gets flowers the one who got them fells like a queen and the others wish they had a bloke who would send them flowers for no reason.

Do it.
Reply:abouslty not! How come alot of men i meet think that its creepy to be romantic and passionate with there ladies?..

well back to u, if u send her flowers she might just give u some cuz its shows that u really care about her and that is always a turn on ;)

so buy her some nice red roses and spice it up with a small bear; spray ur colonge on it and then when u give it to her IN PERSON (bc thats more personal) let her know that u saw it and felt like she desrved it then hug and kiss...

WA LA! fixed. :)

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