Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Would sending flowers to my ex- girlfriend with a note that says just because, and not signing it be wrong?

since she is now dating another guy? I dont want to break them up but i still think she deserves it. ( I heard her saying how it would make her day)

Would sending flowers to my ex- girlfriend with a note that says just because, and not signing it be wrong?
That would be fine...except she'll never know it was you. She is going to assume it is the guy she is dating now, or that other guy that she wishes she was dating, or maybe that guy that she was having sex with while she was dating you. If you're going to do it sign your name to it.
Reply:You ever hear the saying:you can't go back? Its true.She is dating someone else,not really thinking of you.Don't send her anything.Find a new one,send it to her, sign it.
Reply:Depends on whether you want her back and whether she is secure in her new relationship. If you want her back, then send the flowers and sign your name, tell her that she deserves it! If you do not want her back and she is secure with her new relationship, then it is fine to send her the flowers too and signing and not signing your name does not matter! But if she is not secure with her new relationship, this will create a mess.....
Reply:Yes thats wrong, you shouldn't interfer in her new relationship.
Reply:awwww!!!! I think that is sooooo sweet.....i say go ahead maybe tell her that you thought she deserved it....signed anonymous ...lol....thats so sweet
Reply:It's not wrong, but it will also not bring her back to you. Stop looking for more from her. Let go and be free.
Reply:I think that sending her flowers and not signing it may cause problems in her new relationship. She will obviously think that they are from him and when she thanks him he'll probably get mad and think that she has another guy behind his back. Giving her flowers without signing the card may cause trust issues in her new relationship
Reply:I think it's a sweet idea, but if you don't sign the card won't she think they are from the other guy?
Reply:who would she know the flowers came from and just the gesture of sending her flowers would,nt break her relationship with her new man if it did her relationship with him was,nt worth her time at all
Reply:i think its fine, but dont get psycho with it.

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