Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Best flowers to send to my best friend's family whose uncle just passed?

My friends uncle just passed and i'd really like to send her family flowers...what are appropriate ones to send? And how many?

Best flowers to send to my best friend's family whose uncle just passed?
Peace Lilies.

When my great grandmother passed away, we had 3 or 4 peace lilies given in memorial. We divided each one up (they can regenerate to make larger plants) and each family member took a part. Now, even though it's been 8 years, we each still have a peace lily from that day--my grandmother remembers her mom, and my mother can remember her grandmother each time they water their plant.

It's a nice plant regardless, but it serves as a beautiful symbol of how we still remain a part of everyone, even after we pass.
Reply:A Ivy plant because they last.. I know because I lost my Lil Sis . It is my most special.......Not because of her death but of her everlasting life..........
Reply:Peace Lillies. Doesn't matter how many, it's the thought that counts.
Reply:Go to a florist shop and ask them to help you with an appropriate selection. They will show you photos of different choices. You'll find exactly the right thing for your friend and her family.
Reply:sunflowers, carnations (white), roses (yellow), or Easter lilies

like the other person said.
Reply:Lillies. They mean everlasting friendship. And alot of them.
Reply:Peace lillies.
Reply:Check out http://www.ftd.com/yssp/catalog/category... to order peace lilies.
Reply:chrysanthemums they have such a nice smell and pretty colors. Its also the time of year for mums. Send them in a tall vase or planter.
Reply:Flowers should be for the living. So, I would send a donation to a charity in the uncle's name. Did he die of cancer-heart disease-etc.,? Send to that charity.

Send the family a card with a note on it saying you are sending to a charity in his name. The charity will also send them a notice to acknowledge the donation. Your money will be much better spent.
Reply:I have always sent house plants to funerals.It's something the family can keep.Fresh flowers just die.
Reply:Peace Lillies or if you can afford Calla Lillies. About the amount... it depends on how much you can afford.
Reply:discuss it with the florist...they know best...just tell them the price renge you can afford and let them work through the rest of the details with you
Reply:a nice basket of daises would be good

try www.1800flowers.com---they even have a condolence section where they give you suggestions.
Reply:Your best bet might be a breakfast basket (wicker basket filled with muffins, bagels, donuts, assorted pastries etc etc) because that is something a little bit different than usual. The suggestions on the peace lily plant are excellent too...but be careful, the big one can get REALLY big when taken care of properly.

Go to your local florist for help and guidance, they will be glad to help you out!
Reply:ask a florist they will be happy to help
Reply:When my husband's father died we got a woodworking book and donated it in his name to the local library. When my father died, we went more toward artificial flowers that stayed in the casket with him. They were beautiful because we used an irish theme for one of them and then roses (1 blue, 3 pink and 1 red representing his son, three daughters and his wife).
Reply:Since you are not family, my suggestion would be to send a sliced honey ham. But if you really want to send flowers I would give the florist $50.00 for a sympathetic seasonal arrangement and tip them a fiver and thank them for their artistic efforts. I swear, everytime I do that, I get the best flower arrangements and top quality efforts.
Reply:Star Gazer Lilies - they smell nice and look nice.


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