Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's an alternative to sending flowers to your gf? (something cool!)?

Have you ever heard of Cookies by Design? You would have to check their website to see if there is one in your area. The cookes come in all shapes (dogs, cats, flowers, etc) and are arranged in a decorative basket. It is a fabulous gift. I have used them many times and the receivers have loved them. Go here to see if there is one near you:


What's an alternative to sending flowers to your gf? (something cool!)?
teach a parrot to say, "___ %26lt;-**insert girlfriends name** __%26lt;-(insert ur name) loves u
Reply:Spoiling the pants off of her. Not literally:)
Reply:If she's a music fan you can always buy her a cd...
Reply:Checking out an adult toy store can certanly be a surprise a quite spicey! %26lt;grinz%26gt;
Reply:Does she have a hobby? Like if she paints, you could buy her some new brushes or get her a gift certificate for a pedicure or manicure.
Reply:how about a fruit basket? or a spa kit or a certificate for a day at the spa? or some little thing that is part of an activity that she can do with you? a weekend trip? sporting gear if she is into adventure stuff? not sure what you are celebrating or context.
Reply:does she colect anything? maybe send her something she collects

like I collect ducks so I'd love it if someone sent me a rubber duckie
Reply:A card is always the best. It expresses how much you care about someone and she can keep it forever. Flowers will die, candy will make her fat but a card will last forever!!!
Reply:a gift certificate to victoria secrets
Reply:make up cards of iou's eg iou a massage - iou a candlelite dinner - iou ????? ' get the imagination going you just use things she like or would like to try and have fun!!!

suprise dinner made by you

suprise reservation at a fancy place and tell her yo dress up first
Reply:a nice card with a personally written note along with it!
Reply:I always send cards, just little cards that have a "I miss you" or "I love you" or "just thinking of you" in them. It seems to work for me. You should try that.
Reply:If you can find any elaborate candy stores near you they may sell candy boquets. Stuffed animals also work, or you could do something completely off-the-wall like a golf ball or something, but only so long as she knows your intention behind it and you're sure she'd take it in good humor.
Reply:You could do something unplanned by saying your going somewhere then go to the first place you got together or some place special to you and her.

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