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Terminal cancer patient how many times to send flowers when in and out of the hospital?

My husband's boss at work has a mom who is really sick. She is in and out of the hospital and has terminal cancer. He sent flowers to her about 2 or 3 months ago when in the hospital and she is back in the hospital. Should he send flowers again or just a card... how does that work. What are your thoughts and is there a etiquette thing of what you are supose to do??

Terminal cancer patient how many times to send flowers when in and out of the hospital?
my dad had cancer and he was in and out of the hospital a lot. I know it meant a lot to him and us that people showed they cared. I would keep sending things, but mix it up a little. Maybe a card this time, a stuffed animal next time, a potted plant in the future. It always helps to know someone is thinking about you and cares for your health. Good luck and my sincere regards.
Reply:Whatever you do, make it a SINCERE gesture... Not just something you want to do to impress others... The lady is SICK, and sometimes flowers don't make a person feel better. However, a quick visit to the hospital will do wonders and maybe even arrive with a couple of her favorite magazines... And even stay and read to her for a while...
Reply:id sneak in with alkoline raising snacks to raise her body ph level and kill that cancer.
Reply:Send them now while she can enjoy them - she won't be able to after she dies. Then you can send a card to her family!
Reply:I think it is nice anytime to receive flowers when you are in the hospital, even if it is a small boquet. I am sure that she really appreciates them. If cost is an issue, go with something smaller and don't necessarily order it from the hospital. Pick up a bunch for about 10 bucks from the grocery store. It is the gesture, not about how much you spend.
Reply:I know flowers are always good, but sometimes they won't allow flowers or any kind of plant in a cancer patient's room. But if they were accepted the first time, there shouldn't be problem later unless she starts having respiratory problems, like my dad can't have any type of plant when he's in the hospital...the entire floor will not allow them. Just wanted to give you the incite that I've seen in the last year.

Now etiquette wise, I guess it's all personal preference. I personally would send flowers or a plant (something a little more long lasting...) with a nice card expressing your thoughts and prayers. Every following time, a hand written card that expresses your thoughts-so something with a nice picture on the front and empty on the inside...means you took the time to fill it out...which means a lot to families and the patient.

Some people just appreciate the fact that you call and leave a nice message offering thoughts and prayers, or services (if your able) to help them in any way.

If you're not sure, there is no harm in calling just to see how she is doing, how long they think she'll be in the hospital, if there's anything that she needs while she is there or she would like (like a book or magazine)...just expressing your concern will be enough to let people know that you're at least thinking of them.

It's a difficult time for everybody, just because they are not around to receive the call or expressed a thank you right away, they do not mean to ignore you...they are just extremely busy and appreciate it deeply. Knowing they are not alone in it all, eases their fears.

Something your husband could do when she's not in the hospital (or even if she is)....have him ask his boss how his mother is doing and then he can express that he (%26amp; you) are thinking of her and the rest of the family. That means a lot to people going through this difficult time. So, just so you know, you don't always have to send a card or flowers.
Reply:Skip the flowers. A visit and some comfort words are the best for this situation.
Reply:It really depends on what sort of person she is, if she is a flower lover then she may enjoy them, however bare in mind that a lot of other people may be sending flowers and hospital are generally short of space. Sending a card or a letter is a good way to let her know you are thinking of her. If you know her well and she is well enough she may appreciate it if you visit her instead. There is no set etiquette that i know of. People in hospital are generally just happy to know that others are thinking of them.
Reply:Sending the flowers once was enough but it would be kind if you sent her a card or letter and let her know you are thinking of her. It would also be good to let the boss know you are thinking of their family in this difficult time. I would send a baked item to the bosses family. Maybe some bars or cookies with a note of concern.
Reply:take them flowers when u visit them
Reply:Take the flowers to the nurse to take to her and it is a lot less money. I would send flowers again but thats me personally.
Reply:Everyone loves flowers. Flowers are even more special when they come from a sincere heart. If you don't know what to do then maybe give of your time with a visit or a call. I believe terminal illness has no etiquette, but terminal patients and their familys will appreciate your concern.

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