Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How many different people have sent you flowers in the last year?

Men, how many women have you sent flowers to?

How many different people have sent you flowers in the last year?
3 ...
Reply:Ahahahahha :( none.
Reply:Just one. :-)
Reply:none, as I really don't have any use for flowers.
Reply:Just one
Reply:No one has ever sent me flowers before.
Reply:None in the last past year. I guess that is what happens when you date the same person for almost 10 years.
Reply:My husband brings me flowers every two weeks.

My daughter sends them on Mothers Day.
Reply:Three (one set was from my dad, though)
Reply:my husband is the only one who buys me flowers, but my son picks them for me when we are at the park :)
Reply:1. My husband gave me a rose for our anniversary.
Reply:No one, I have severe allergies and I didn't even have flowers at my wedding and boquets were fake too. Sneezing my head off today, crappy spring and fall.
Reply:None for me.
Reply:zero, I don't spend money on woman, that would mean I'm paying for a woman which means I date prostitutes
Reply:I don't think anyone has sent me flowers.
Reply:*sniffles* none :(
Reply:No one has ever sent me flowers:(
Reply:i got flowers once this year from my husband for our anniversary, but they weren't sent he just brought them home after work, with a mushy,lovey card and a ring out of a bubble gum machine, and in the card it said,"like this ring, it is an eternal circle, never ending, just as my love is for you" and i was like ,my uncle Larry helped with that didn't he? cause he would never come up with that on his own, and he spent like $5 in the gum ball machine just trying to get that one certain ring, corny but sweet!!!!
Reply:I will say 0 from a man, I haven't received flowers like that in 10 years. Now from my kids... my 3 yr old goes to the neighbors house and picks me a flower everyday.....
Reply:No one sent me flowers over last year up to today. Sent me one
Reply:Four people gave me flowers, but they didnt send them they brought them to me
Reply:i have to beg my bf for flowers
Reply:2 people -- my boyfriend and my mom.

On my birthday they each sent me a bouquet and one of the girls in my office asked me if I was juggling 2 men. Lol.
Reply:i sent my girlfriend a basket of orchids, water lillies, roses, and irisis
Reply:Zero, zilch!
Reply:Not one.

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