Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What types of flowers to send to a Chinese funeral?

My friend's father passed away recently and I want to get her family some condolence flowers. They are Chinese and quite auspicious. What type of flowers should I send? Is there another type of gift that would be more appropriate? Are certain colors of flowers inappropriate?

What types of flowers to send to a Chinese funeral?
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Any color will do, except red. Black or dark color is more common than white. White is usually for the family only.

You can buy them some flowers, especially chrysanthnum, or other kind of flowers of yellow or white color, pink may do too, but never be red.

In some Chinese societies you're expected to give some donation (called "Bai jin", the number must be odd, never 100, make it 101, as it means that when you die, die yourself only, never die together, just avoid any even number.)
Reply:Not really sure, but chrysanthemums are usually an arrangement sent for this purpose.
Reply:White or yellow chrysanthemum. No red colours.
Reply:White flowers will do. White is the symbol of death in Buddhist culture.

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