Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sending flowers to an address in Pune?


I would like to send flowers to my family in Pune. Does anyone know of a good website or dealer?



Sending flowers to an address in Pune?
You can send flowers through this website
Reply:go to rediff india there go select the option gifts and then u can select what sort of gift u want to give them if it is sumthing besides flowers then give all the details they ask for including ur credit card number tell them the delivery date and all that ...after a few hours just call them on their official phone number and tell them clearly u want them to deliver it by this date and make sure ur strict then they give it in the right time on the right address
Reply:I've never heard of Pune. Where is it? If it's another country, your best bet would be to google the words "international flower delivery" and see what comes back.

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