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Is it okay to send flowers to a woman other than your wife?

I just picked up the mail and a postcard from 1-800-flowers came to remind my husband that a friend of his is having a birthday soon. I called my husband about it right now and he said that it was an old friend from high school and he sent her flowers for her birthday last year. He didn't give me flowers for mother's day or our anniversary either. Am I being paranoid?

Is it okay to send flowers to a woman other than your wife?
Yes... it IS okay for a man to give another woman flowers!!!


No you are not being paranoid! He is completely in the WRONG!! To give another woman flowers when he didn't even get YOU flowers??? That's completely wrong!!!

He sent her flowers LAST YEAR and you are just now finding out about it??? So, basically, he has lied by omission... failing to tell you made it a lie!

By not telling you, he has completely ruined your trust! Now you will wonder what else he hasn't told you about, particularly with this "old friend from high school"... how do you even know if that's the truth?? If you ask him if he slept with her, he will (of course) say no... How will you know if that's the truth either??? The trust is gone!!!

I'm sure he had more than one female friend in high school... Does that mean that he sent them ALL flowers for their birthday?? Why just this one???

I'm sorry for you... I don't know if I could make myself stay with him anymore...
Reply:i would be pissed
Reply:he likes or liked her
Reply:I wouldn't accept it. If he cared enough to send an old friend flowers, then he should have cared enough about what his wife would think about it. Sounds like you have your hands full to me with a husband who isn't very concerned on how it made you feel. Especially if you didn't get flowers and the other woman did.

The only women that he should be sending flowers to besides you, is his/your mother, his/your grandmother, great grandmothers, sisters, daughters and only with your consent; sister-in-laws, and close mutual friends where you would both have your name on the card.

Tell him you don't like it and how it made you feel. He may be clueless.

Good luck..............
Reply:he is interested in this woman, and not as a "friend". no, you are not being paranoid. a man should only give flowers to his wife, mom, grandma, sis and daughter. try to find out more info on this so called "friend". this might be evil, but check his email and voice mail. better safe than sorry.

good luck.
Reply:if u are tired of living
Reply:You're not being paranoid at all!! I would be really suspicious if my husband ever bought flowers for another womean....I don't know how your husband is but it sounds like that's a little out of the ordinary for him??!! Why would he send flowers to a woman he knew in high school?? Does he ever talk about her or have you ever heard her mentioned before? These are ?'s I would ask myself.....That's pretty messed up that he would do that for another woman and not for his wife....sounds like he has some explaining to do.....good luck
Reply:no,you are not paranoid...men love to do things for their mistresses or hope to have mistresses.they don't do for their wives.watch him like a hawk...and don't let his lies blind you.use your senses.
Reply:oooooo girl,i'd have his **** packed and sitting out when he came home! the nerve of some men, not that he sent the flowers to a woman,but that he forgot all about u! mothers day,anniversary,etc. thats bs....im lying i would be pissed about sending any other woman other then family flowers! theres def something going on,or he's very interested in her and trying to impress her!! kick his *** 2 the curb girl!!!
Reply:If I were you....I wouldn't make too big of a deal about the flowers (YET). Keep Quiet and open you eyes. Listen and look for other clues. Keep tabs on him and make notes. Lots of men are very good at hiding affairs. When he says he is going to be late for work...make sure he is really working and check to make sure the pay equals the extra time. Check his phone records on recently called numbers. Usually a man will call his mistress as soon as he leaves the house and right before he comes home. If you make too big of a deal about the flowers, he may try and cover his tracks too hard.....let him get his guard down so you can catch him if he is seeing this woman or any other woman. You go gurl!
Reply:No your not. It sounds like he is trying to rekindle an old flame. Sorry to tell you that but When I sent flowers to a female friend I told my wife first and it would only be 1 flower with a card that said from both of us.
Reply:Only if she is a muual friend of yours and even so you should have agreed together to send the flowers. Otherwise you have just sprung the cheating so and so. I guess he wasn't as clever as he thought he was.
Reply:Why wouldn't it be? Send 'em.
Reply:I don't think there is anything wrong with him having flowers sent to her by a florist. It could of been more personal and he could have delivered them to her in person. He had them sent for a reason it was her birthday. If it was valentines or other day it would be different but truthfully what else does a male send to a female friend that would be appropriate for her birthday when they are only friends.
Reply:She gets flowers and you get none? Sounds like something's up. I can understand sending flowers to a relative but an old friend from high school. I'd talk to him and tell him exactly what it looks like. I bet he's showing other types of suspicious behaviour also.
Reply:There are 2 sides to every story, but from what you're saying, it doesn't sound like a good situation.
Reply:I think I would have a good talk with him
Reply:Ditto sungirlie's response.
Reply:I agree completely with DearAbby!
Reply:No its not unless its his mother or sister. If its just a old female friend, a friendly birthday card is plenty.
Reply:I would also find out what type of flowers he sent...roses, carnations or some odd flower could mean that he sent them in a more romantic attempt or that he knows her enough to know what kind of flowers she likes...plus if you can find out what the flowers cost it would be helpful...men don`t spend money on "nobody`s"

try getting a statement of past purchases from that company. Good Luck.
Reply:i don't know about paranoid, but i know i would be very unhappy if my husband acted this way. at least you now KNOW about the situation and can therefore TALK TO HIM about it. tell him how unhappy and suspicious you are about it,tell him how much you feel it's inappropriate and tell him that it wasn't a nice thing for him to do...ESPECIALLY since he doesn't buy you - his WIFE - similar gifts. who knows why he did it??? men can be so thoughtless at times....what i think is more important now is using this situation to evaluate your marriage as a whole...it could be the making of you if you talk it out, learn from it and move on all the stronger because of it. if he isn't willing to discuss it rationally or accpet how wrong he has been, and how insensitive, then that IS a problem....good luck with it and i hope it works out .god bless both of you
Reply:I agree with dearabby, girl my words exactly you think like me, going into detail and all. So i will agree with you or end up writting a book lol.

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