Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's the cheapest way to send flowers to someone in another state?

I know it's hard to do that if you are on a budget but maybe some of you know something.

What's the cheapest way to send flowers to someone in another state?
send them a ecard with flowers on it
Reply:Don't order from your local florist. I'm sure there is a florist near the destination. If you can find one that's within 5 miles and does a good job with arranging 'em(flowers), you're good to go. Doing it online would be better too. At least you get to see it first before you pay for it.
Reply:Enlist their friend, relative or housemate to do it. Of course, bribe them for their time with a box of chocolates or a fiver. I'm sure they would be very happy to help.
Reply:goodness. An animated e-card and a scratch-and-sniff sticker when they visit yah!
Reply:1800 flowers
Reply:Locate a floral delivery service online in the person's country and make an order. Pay by credit card number. There's no cheapest way. Sending flowers is expensive.
Reply:go to www.images.yahoo.com %26gt; type in "Flowers." You should get some pictures of flowers, choose the one you like and send it over as an attachment. In the email, state "honey, this is for you... from my heart".

Real flowers will probably die by the time they reach the person you are trying to give them to... it's better to send a pic of fresh flowers :p
Reply:I recently found out all of this because of Valentines day! The best answer I can supply is to compare, compare, compare....

There is like 1-800 Flowers, Teleflorist... etc. I went online to find flowers and ended up with the one that had maybe not the best deal on the flowers but with the shipping! Also some of them may have specials, always something to ask about!?!?!
Reply:Telephone the nearest neighbour(with a landline) and ask them to 'pick and deliver'.

Just throw the flowers into the next twister heading to that state...
Reply:tell someone in that state to give it to the person they could go to a field and pick some send that person 2 bucks in the mail for their effort
Reply:As expensive as it is to have flowers delivered, the cheapest may be if you buy them at Sam's and drive a 1000 miles to deliver them! But seriously, if you have an friends in the area where the recipient is, why not ask them? Send them $30-40 and tell them to get a $15 bouquet at Sam's and deliver %26amp; for them to keep the difference. It seems like last time we had some flowers sent, it was a pitiful bouqet for about $65 or $70.
Reply:i have found it cheaper to find phone a florist in the area the recipient lives in and order flowes from them. it is usually cheaper to pay the long distance phone call than to pay the florist at your end all the additional charges they levy for doing the same thing - phoning the florist at the other end.
Reply:i think there are some services maybe you can find in internet you pay with credit card and they will do for you, try to find some that is known other wise coudl be a scam, i hope that helps.

Oh you mention cheapest.. ididnt read that, cheap will be buy a flowers your self, and put in a nice box and send througth the post office, they will be ligth not heavy , so you wont pay much money.
Reply:send her rose seeds tell her to plant them and have her watch your love grow..........nah that's gay...

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