Saturday, November 14, 2009

Can you carry flowers into a funeral home?

My Aunt died and she will not have that many flowers at her funeral. I feel bad because I cannot afford the $50 - 150 that flowers cost from FTD florists. I was wondering if I could carry them in a bag and place them in the office when you first walk in. That way the funeral home would place them in the room where my aunt is.

I am embarassed at the thought, however I cannot afford to send flowers. Am I better off going empty handed?

Also to add, My aunt lives in a very low populated area and I dont think she will have many flowers. I would love to see a few sent flowers around her, especially for my cousin's sake.

Can you carry flowers into a funeral home?
you can place them in a vase, and yes take them in with you, or else hand them to the funeral personnel,, you also could take them by ahead of time, then they could place them
Reply:i hope you brought the flowers..... your aunt would have loved to see you walking in with flowes i'm a florist and i always tell my customers you buy the flowers to honor the person not to impress the family Report It

Reply:I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt. Well you could find a nice basket or container, pick some nice flowers, and put them in it. You could find a nice ribbon and find a way to attach a nice card to it. Or you could make a framed collage of some pictures of her. They did something like that at my cousin's funeral a couple years ago. Well take care.
Reply:My condolences to u n ur family. I lost an aunt just recently too. Yes, u can take flowers in urself n put them where u want them or ask the staff to do it for u. I hv done this n hv seen other do it too. Don't b embarrassed, no one knows its cuz u can't afford it, they will think u picked them up from a florist u prefer.
Reply:galbee Your story? Very interesting......

Reply:Of course you can. There are no hard and fast rules about things like that. And if there ARE such rules, thumb your nose at them and take them anyway. If anyone objects or complains tell them they can kiss you rosy butt on main street.
Reply:If you can, take them early. Give them to one of the personnel. When my son died, the funeral director said someone had brought out a plant earlier. So it is perfectly fine to take them yourself.

I'm sorry to hear about your aunt.
Reply:Sure, why not.
Reply:Yes-it really is the thought that counts. Just don't hand them to the mourners-find the funeral director and ask him/her to find a suitable place for them.

I'm sorry for your loss!
Reply:yes you can bring flowers it is not uncommon
Reply:Call the funeral home and just explain to them the situation. I'm sure it'll be fine, just then tell them that you'll carry the flowers to them ASAP. Funeral homes understand alot of this stuff, so.
Reply:sure why not, it's better than nothing, right?

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