Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sending her flowers at work?

i have 'sort of' been seeing this girl and am thinking about sending her some flowers at work. a mixed bouqet not anything dramaticaly romantic like roses. should I?

Sending her flowers at work?
yes for sure you should!!!!!
Reply:If a guy sent me flowers at work, I'd be flattered.
Reply:If shes feeling you and you're feeling her ...go ahead I think its a nice gesture very sweet
Reply:Aww that's great, I wish someone work send me gifts at work.

I think it's a good idea sure, just, like you said, nothing flashy. also maybe something small and not too traditional so she could even keep it on her desk for a while. has a small selection of 'just because' flower arrangements for under $50

FTD has some really adorable ones too. And super colorful!

YaY I hope she likes them
Reply:Yes. Most women would be surprised and delighted.
Reply:smooth. very smooth!
Reply:What do you think us girls are gonna say?? OF Course!! Any girl would love getting flowers at work. That should get you some brownie points for sure.
Reply:It will make everyone else in her office jealous. :)

Good luck! :)
Reply:She would really be impressed. Something simple yet elegant.
Reply:YES girls love flowers!! and its a nice way to let her know you are thinking of her
Reply:Sure, especially if your sure that she is into you as well. Giving a girl flowers is special, but sending it to her work or bringing it into her work in front of all her co-workers is the best!
Reply:Yes!! And bonus points if they're flowers you know she likes. Don't worry if you don't know, flowers are a lovely gesture and anyone who is thoughtful enough to send them deserves high points. Send a note telling her she makes you smile... :)
Reply:well..some girls might find it offensive and embarrassing...while others would melt and just l0ve it. in my case- i would love 2 receive flowers like's so0o0o romantic and it shows that the guy really cares..

so i suppose u should know what type of girl she is...the first or second???? if it's the second...then go for it!!! but some pointers- white roses are for roses are for funerals(very rare though)..yellow roses are for someone that's sick and in hospital(mostly a grandma) roses..means 'i like you' stands for friendship..and red roses means ' i love you' pick your roses carefully. good luck*
Reply:i think you should
Reply:Yes. not too over the top, just nice and sweet, with a sweet 'been thinking of you' kind of card, not too dramatic or mushy, just light and sweet. If she is into you at all, this will be a big feather in your cap.
Reply:that would be really nice for you to do. It would make her feel special. It would earn you sbome brownie points for the weekend as well!
Reply:Yeah, that would be so sweet and in my opinion its better whenever you get flowers in front of people so that she will be able to brag about how sweet you are!

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