Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My boss had a death in her family. Do I give a card or send flowers?

My boss had a death in her family so she will be taking time off work to make arrangements. Should I find out her address and send flowers to her house? Should I leave a card for her at work? I do not know what is most appropriate. Also if I do leave a card for her what should I say? Is it rude to do nothing? We are not close and I am unsure what to do. Please help!

My boss had a death in her family. Do I give a card or send flowers?
Yes you do both. It's only polite. Send flowers, with a card. Write, I'm sorry for your loss. The card will say the rest. Sign, sincerely, and your name.

When she gets back to work, you say nice to have you back, and work as usual.
Reply:you said u are not close...so do not send flowers....send a card....or if there are a lot of you that work for that same boss get together, and all sign a card , and then you might want to pool your money for some flowers....but if its just you an 1 or 2 other ...just the card....and only say i"m sorry for your loss.
Reply:Send a card.
Reply:Depends on who the death was and your relationship with your boss. If it is appropriate depends on whether you are good friends with them I think.
Reply:A card is fine, and sending flowers is very thoughtful and caring.

Are there other members of staff who would also like to contribute to this gesture. It is always very welcome to receive a card signed by several people on an occasion such as a death, as it shows people are thinking of you.

You can usually find a notice of the funeral arrangements in a local newspaper (the funeral directors insert them), and sending flowers to the funeral home for the service is very nice. The funeral directors will retain all the cards and give them to the family.

You should make sure you direct the card to your boss "and family", to ensure no-one feels left out, even though you don't know the family.

If you feel uncomfortable giving a card or flowers, you can simply say to your boss "I was sorry to hear about your loss, please let me know how I can help make it easier for you here in the office so you'll have the time you need to deal with things" (in your own words, of course).

It does not sound much, but it means a lot to people when they lose someone to have it acknowledged by others.

And, while it can be hard to know exactly what to do, the fact is, anything you do with a kind intention and real sympathy will be appreciated.

Best wishes :-)
Reply:If you are not close, I'd send a card, and maybe get an office pool together to chip in for some nice flowers.
Reply:This all depends on how close you are to your boss.

Me and my old boss from my old job are good friends. I would send him flowers and might even attend the funeral with him. I'd probably give him a card and make him dinner.

Me and my new boss do not know eachother as well. If the death is know to your other coworkers I would suggest getting a card that all of you sign and give to them. Maybe you can all chip in and get some nice flowers. Doing this as a group takes the guess-work out of it and still gives the boss something they will appreciate.
Reply:If you're not close, then it will just look like a.ss kissing. The next time you see her a "I'm sorry to hear about your loss" would be most appropriate.

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