Saturday, November 14, 2009

My bf is always sending flowers at work, should I think he is doing something wrong?

Hard to tell, if he is acting funny and different then probably. If he is acting normal then he just really really wnats to win yout heart and do sweet special things for you.

My bf is always sending flowers at work, should I think he is doing something wrong?
No, you should not assume that your boyfriend has done something wrong simply because he is sending you flowers at work.

He may just trying to be romantic and if you start accusing him of having an ulterior motive for sending the flowers to you, you will probably never receive another flower from him again...

Until you have evidence to support your suspicions, than simply say thank you for the flowers and enjoy.

Best of Luck
Reply:well first check out how he talks to you, how often he's with you, ect.

if something seems suspicious there, or if he's had a history of cheating or something, plus the flowers, then yes!

however, if you truly believe he cares about you, and doesn't seem like he's done anything wrong, then probably not. he's just showing you how much he cares, and thats sweet!
Reply:Are you serious? If you dont want him... I will take him! LOL

It could be that he is really into you and it makes him happy knowing that he can connect with you by doing sweet things =)

I would only assume he has done something wrong if he has never done anything nice for you in the past
Reply:I had a boyfriend who use to send my flowers at work all the time and he wasn't doing anything wrong but as soon as I married him, the flowers stopped coming. Your boyfriend is probably just a romantic and is trying to show he cares about you. Enjoy the flowers.
Reply:more info please

pleas ansewr mine!;...
Reply:Either 1) he's just a really generous guy who's very thoughtful or 2) he did something he feels guilty about. Since we don't know anything about the guy other than what you asked, thats all I got.
Reply:no, he's sending you flowers to let you know that he loves you.... when he stops caring, calling and sending flowers, thats when you can get worried....
Reply:Such a shame that when a man does nice things for his special girl it raises suspicion, but when he doesnt thy call him unromantic
Reply:come on he loves you to do that. why not talk to him but there are so many out there that would love to get it once in a while
Reply:Please elaborate!!

Reply:hes been sleeping with your best frind since you met.
Reply:Ask him, not us.
Reply:a guy cant be sweet and spontaneous i see...

He just making sure that he can hit dat!!

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