Saturday, November 14, 2009

Is he cheating????who sending flowers????

when i got home from dropping him off at the airport there was a message on my machine for my boyfriend that he had a flower delivery but they would try his work number....well i called there is flowers for him (of course they wont tell me from who) i let them know he was out of town and wont be back for 14 days....they will be here after he gets he cheating why would anyone send him flowers???not his bday or a death in family.....should i ask him about it????wait till he gets home???or just wait to see if he tells me......this is killing me!!!! i want to trust him but my past relationships they have all been untrue...did i pick another loser????..PLEASE HELP

Is he cheating????who sending flowers????
i think u should ask him!!
Reply:Just be upfront and ask. Don't sound jealous. Be ready for a reasonable answer but don't accept lie.
Reply:I wouldnt jump to conclusions. It doesnt help.. If you love him and he loves you..I wouldnt be upset about the flowers. Trust is what makes a relationship.
Reply:sounds funny to me too. I would definately ask him whats up. Sorry and good luck

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