Saturday, November 14, 2009

Would it be inappropriate to send flowers on Valentines Day?

I want to send flowers to this woman i work with. I am truly falling in love with her. The reason i ask is i have only known her since mid-December and she is still going through her divorce. It should be final soon in the next couple of months. So would it be inappropriate?

Would it be inappropriate to send flowers on Valentines Day?
sending flowers to a woman in her situation is kinda inapropriate.. but you could always send her some with just a friendly message in it, just to let her know that you are there for her and i think after you send her a sweet but friendly message she will start thinking about you in the way that you think about her, just play it slow and im sure it will turn out great

good luck
Reply:Probably, what you don't know is where her head and heart are still at. Maybe she's still trying to reconcile or has not gotten past her heartbreak, either way she's vulnerable and this would only complicate her choices. Its great that you feel for her but you have to be sure that she is open to your advances at this moment in time before you take the next step.
Reply:Friends can send friends flowers. As long as you don't put anything pushy or out-of-line on the card, there should be no problem.

Just let her know that you are available if she wants to talk. Make sure she is interested in you before you start pouring affection on her.

Make sure there isn't a policy against employees dating each other within your company's rules.

Don't ask her on an actual date until her divorce is complete. You never know if she will decide, at the last minute, to return to her relationship.

Good Luck.
Reply:go to the local florist and have them help you select a friendship bouquet,and send it that will be a good start
Reply:I think you should wait till she's divorced to do anything like that for her. It's just wrong. But if you can't resist, flowers are nice, but most women love expensive chocolate. (ex: Godiva, sees).
Reply:Not at all
Reply:If your friend is still not divorced it would be very unwise to send flowers . This could cause all kinds of problems for her. It could be used against her as evidence that she is having inappropriate behavior. until her divorce is final she is to remain uninvolved with anyone else. After the divorce she is legally free to again begin dating,and socializing with members of the opposite sex.
Reply:it would make her happy to that some body like her ,so no go for it ,and tell me what will happen!
Reply:Of course not. Flowers are a nice way to let her no how you feel. Every woman loves to get flowers. Makes her feel special


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