Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is it appropriate for my boyfriend to send his ex girlfriend “friendly” flowers on her birthday?

They were together 10 years and have remained good friends (she lives across the country) and she still wants to get back together with him. What message does this send ex girlfriend? And more specifically, what message does sending flowers send?

Is it appropriate for my boyfriend to send his ex girlfriend “friendly” flowers on her birthday?
10 years? Damn sorry hes not over her at all. Cant compete with that.
Reply:Flowers are never friendly... A card is friendly. A phone call - with you in the room - is friendly.
Reply:If they are truly friends (and after such a long relationship, it's nice that they are), I do not think it would be inappropriate in that sense to send her flowers...

However, I think it is sort of inconsiderate of him to do so while he is in a committed romantic relationship. (especially if he's not getting you flowers that are at least twice as beautiful!)

And if the ex is also in a romantic relationship, I don't think her man would be very happy with it at all.

Even if the intent of the flowers is friendly, I think that a gift card to a restaurant or something general like that would be a lot more appropriate, if he insists on giving her a gift.
Reply:Oh dear oh dear.

Sending flowers is a bit much. Shouldn't she have someone else doing that? Like er, I dunno, her OWN boyfriend.

Tel your boyfriend off. He REALLY shoudn't be doing that. Especially if you know she still wants to get back with him.
Reply:In the category of appropriateness - you probably wrote 60 words and used the word "send" four times. It hurts my eyes to read this.

In the category of your boyfriend - there is a clear message that this should SEND to you. Do you get flowers on your birthday? I think he may care a little bit more than sending "friendly" flowers...
Reply:He should not be sending her flowers. Not only is it rude to you, it gives her false hope. Tell him if he sends them, you are done with him.
Reply:whoa! that's really inappropriate. if i were her, i would feel like he's telling me there's still hope.
Reply:I would be annoyed if I were in your situation. But if he wants to do it really, just let him.

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