Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What kind of flowers should i send?

my best friend's dad died last night and i want to send their family some flowers and a card. what kind of flowers should i send to them? its not for the funeral its just for kind of a "Still thinking of you" type of flowers. trying to kind of brighten the room or something like that. what is the best kind of flowers to send for that?

What kind of flowers should i send?
I would suggest a Peace Lily plant. I had only been on my current job 3 weeks when my father passed away. The whole office sent me that beautiful plant. Much nicer than cut flowers, those just die within a couple days.

I'm still with that office, it is going on 7 yrs come June. That plant reminds me of how wonderful they all are.
Reply:A life plant or small shrub that can be planted outside later. I sent an azalia plant to a friend when his mom died. His dad planted it outside about a week after the funeral. My dads family likes to do a tree for the yard, a memory tree. Whatever the family likes that is good for the area you live in.
Reply:i'm terribly sorry...that sucks!!!!

there really isn't a specific answer to that. it is really the opinion of the ones u give them to. ask them or pick ones that remind u/them about better times.

if u really have no idea then purchase peace lilies. they're really comforting.

Godspeed to u all
Reply:Blue rose.

It means, rare and unique. You maybe want your friend that he/she is unique in so many ways and for that will always be remembered. Moreover roses signify love and lot more love.
Reply:See source.

You will find some lovely arrangements and/or live plants delivered from local florists.
Reply:A florist can make up a small mixed arrangement of flowers for them.

If you go to the florist and tell them what you want to do then they should be able to help you pick out something.
Reply:I would try white roses. Also though another really unique thing you could do is if you have some pretty flowers at your house go cut some and dry them out. Then when there dried out tie them all together with a pretty ribbon and send those with a nice kind card.
Reply:call your local florist and ask the designer what THEY would send if they needed to send flowers out. They can best tell you which flowers are in stock that are the nicest and I can tell you from personal experience you will get the nicest arrangements when you let the designers do what they are best at...choosing flowers and combinations and creating arrangements that are as nice as possible :) If you have preferences for colors or containers, you can certainly request that, such as baskets or vases, bright colors or pastels. Tulips are great this time of year, as are lilies, daisies, roses, carnations, alstromeria, stock, snapdragons and waxflower. Good luck.
Reply:Alstroemeria are long lasting cut flowers, come in many colors and the cost is usually on the low end. The other name for these flowers is Pervuian lillies. Here in CA, they can be found at most markets, flower stands and florist. A good friend is born for a time of distress. Glad your there!!!
Reply:Tell the flower owner the situation, and they will be able to help you perfectly? Anything is a nice gesture!

Reply:you should send something that the family likes, like anything that will seem comforting- you're a good friend in doing so ....I'm really sorry to hear that...best wishes to you all.

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