Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thinking about sending EX flowers for V Day..Should I?

Me and my ex broke up 2 months ago have had very little communication with her. as far as I know she is with someone else. Would it be wrong to send her flowers for V Day if i send them without any evidence it came from me? I used to give her flowers all the time. and if i could get her to spark my way again i would do anything.

Thinking about sending EX flowers for V Day..Should I?
You can do anything you please, but if you want her to start thinking of you as a possible bf again, you'll have to sign the card.

Why don't you try something simple like a note that says "Just thinking of you" and sign your name.
Reply:sure poisen ivy
Reply:Yeah, maybe it would work. The anonymous part would add some of the mystique. Try it, but are you really sure you want her back? Sounds as if she was the one who left you, and what makes you think she wont leave you again. It is better for someone to love you than for you to love someone. Too much heartache and pain, and if you really want to love back the person who loves you, it is not too difficult, if you work at it. Didn't mean to come across as being so philosophical and all.
Reply:She would know they came from you, if you sent all the time to her anyway.
Reply:Forget it! You're wasting your time and your money.

You would be better off sending some flowers to someone else. Even if she doesn't reciprocate the way you want you can bet she would appreciate them.

My experience is that you are not going to gain a thing, not only will your ex not appreciate it; but her current date will receive the residuals of your misplaced gift.

I don't care who else you would send a gift of flowers to, but she would care more for it than an ex.

By the way .....is your ex giving you what you want? Because if she isn't then you're delusional to think that you would do anything for her. A man will do anything for a woman who gives him what he wants, not a woman who is not with him.

Go find a woman you think will give you what you want and approach her with your gifts. The ex isn't worth your time and money.

She may be worth bittersweet memories, but that is all you should be giving her.
Reply:If you send them anonymously, she's not going to know you sent them so she'll probably throw them out, or worse, she may assume they're from her current boyfriend and you'll get the guy a nice "Thanks, You're so sweet" hummer. If you let her know you sent them, she'll probably think you're a loser, and her and her boyfriend will have a nice laugh at your expense. Either way, it's a bad idea.
Reply:hahahahhahah, you are making me laugh.
Reply:okay. become her secret admirer then...

i have absolutely no idea y i am answering q.s from singles and dating cat. ... maybe i'm just bored...
Reply:Sure, why not? I'd send some dead dried up roses and some weeds.
Reply:I don't think you will do yourself or her any good by this. Take some steps to get over it, like she obviously has.

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