Saturday, November 14, 2009

How to ask a girl for her address to send flowers on v-day?

I know this girl and whats a non-stalker way of asking her or a way of finding out her address in order to send her some flowers on valentine's day?

How to ask a girl for her address to send flowers on v-day?
If you don't know her address, you don't know her well enough to send flowers.
Reply:Cute!! If you know her last name you could look it up in the phone book or you could ask one of her friends. Just tell them you want to send her flowers but you didn't want to creep her out. If you're in school you could look it up in the school directory. Or, if you've known her for awhile, you could just tell her you want to send her something for Valentine's Day.
Reply:Not sure if there is a non-stalker way to do this...perhaps ask her friends or say u wanna talk at her house and get the address.
Reply:ask someone close to her like a sibling or a best friend where she stays. If you have her phone number call and ask her mom. If mom asks you why tell her the reason thats how you do something sweet for the girl you like and get in good with the mom at the same time. BEST OF LUCK CASANOVA!!!
Reply:tell her best friend you want to get her something for valentines day have her friend tell and ask if you may have her adress so you may send them to her. but dont let her best friend tell her who it is . if her best friend wont do that for you just look it up in the phone book and send her a note with the flowers discribing how you got her adress.
Reply:If you know where she works, that would be a good place to send them to her. Sometimes sending flowers to a girl at her house might be awkward if you don't know her well enough.
Reply:If you know her name and her home phone number look up her number in the phonebook and underneath the number will be her address! Or you could ask a friend, but then they would get nosy and start asking questions about why you want it.
Reply:in conversation ask her what her mom and dads name are then look it up in the phone book or google
Reply:well u could always ask one of her friends that know where she lives to give u the address..
Reply:That is a really sweet idea, and any girl would love to get flowers. The first thing you need is her home phone number, then you want to go to and do a reverse look up with her phone number, the address that is associated to that phone number will come up. I had to do this to send my boyfriend flowers lol. Good luck!!
Reply:if you know where she lives near then use Google Earth

Or you could give it to her in person!


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