Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How do men feel about having flowers sent to them?

I have a friend who lives out of state. We have not been seeing eye-to-eye on things lately. We are at a bit of a cross roads. His birthday is coming up on Tuesday. Should I send flowers? I would have to send them to him at his place of work. Good idea? Or would he be mad/embarrassed/etc.?

How do men feel about having flowers sent to them?
I wouldn't send flowers, but how about one of those lucky bamboo trees (the small desk kind) and a sweet card? Also communication is key, talk to him about the way your feeling, be open and honest...you and he will both appreciate it in the end! You don't have to see eye to eye to get along and communicate, and be good friends, it does take a bit of compromise too! :)
Reply:I asked my hubby...

he thought it was "really cool" when I sent him flowers last month. I sent them to his work...of course everyone was curious and it made him the center of attention for the day especially with the ladies at work. You know how we are, we just gotta know :)
Reply:i think he would appreciate a creamy, chocolatey chocolate cake more!!!!ummmm
Reply:I'm not a guy....but it would freak me out - stalker style stuff!!!

Honestly Birthday or no Birthday

What do you really owe him?
Reply:Was not my birthday but I had some flowers once and I did'nt

like'it, I am very sure that it is bad idea.
Reply:I personally feel offended because I don't know what I'm suppose to do with them. I'd rather not get them. And the card doesn't have to be "cute" for a guy. Just a card.
Reply:Girl, that is so homo!
Reply:Ehhh seems a little weird to me xD

Maybe you could sent him a cute card just saying happy birthday :)

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