Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Should I send my guy friend flowers to his job on Valentines?

Simply something I'm considering! We've been seeing one another for about 3 months, and he sent me flowers on my birthday and gave me a really awesome Christmas present. Would it be awkward to send him flowers rather than vice versa? Also do you think he'd be annoyed at getting them in front of his coworkers?

Should I send my guy friend flowers to his job on Valentines?
yeahh. kinda depends on the guy. i asked my boyfriend if he'd ever want me to send him flowers and he said 'its always nice to get a present from a girlfriend'.. then again im not sure if id send them to him in front of his co-workers. i wouldnt want to embarass him. when i asked him this he said 'are you kidding? then i can rub it in their face that not only do i have an awesome girlfriend, but she cares enough to send me flowers %26amp; they have nothing!'

:) it might be fun to laugh at later! i would do it just because this isn't 1950 %26amp; girls can play the "guy role" sometimes.
Reply:Most men don't go for flowers, but my dad is the only one who I know who absolutely loves them, he has about 12 gardens and gives my mom boquets all the time. Most guys are not flower arangers like my dad. Although one of my best friends Matt knows what the flowers mean, each one has a meaning, but not many people do. And even if they do they might not be all that thrilled to get flowers. The three best guy gifts I know that are universal are:

1.A zippo lighter

2. Anything dangerous, zoom, boom, and bump in the night

3. Homemade Cookies (siriously, I have never met a guy that does not LOVE to get cookies!!!)

don't get him deoderant or cologne usually, they might think you think they stink, which is not good
Reply:flowers are so expensive, I have sent flowers to my husband before, he liked them, but really didnt mean the same to him as they do to me, he appreciates other stuff instead, he would much rather I spend the money on something like going out to eat, the movies.
Reply:It depends on where your honey works... construction site? Definitely do not send him flowers. Professional office with mostly men? Definitely do not send him flowers. Professional office where he is the only man? Sure, send him flowers.

It's a really sweet and thoughtful idea, but I don't think that most guys really get excited about that and might be embarrassed instead. If you really want to give him flowers, I recommend a single rose delivered by you to his home. :-)
Reply:no, it will emasculate him
Reply:As a man I think it would be a sweet thing to do but he will probably get a lot of crap from his coworkers for it.
Reply:Maybe it is just me, but you just dont get a guy flowers, especially in front of his co workers! It is a very sweet idea, but if you wish to show him you care for him just buy your self something sexy and wait for him to get home.... That is all the more we want for valentines day lol
Reply:No.. send him some lingerie... COOL
Reply:Wouldn't bother me, I would say go ahead.
Reply:Don't do it. My wife brings me flowers home every once in a while and that's cute, but sending to his work is a little overboard.
Reply:no going ahead and send the flowers
Reply:Depends on where he works. If he's in manual labor, he'll never live it down. If he works in an office, or is a professional, that would probably be okay. BUT be sure you pick the right kind of flowers. DO NOT send a bouquet of roses, or other spring flowers. Send a simple orchid, or a Japanese inspired arrangement with antheriums and bird of paradise. Flowers can be very masculine when arranged correctly. Some orchids are very exotic and come in unusual colors like brown.
Reply:Honestly, I think that most men would NOT like that.
Reply:Send him beer flowers. This is a nice basket with beer %26amp; snacks versus traditional flowers. Of course it will be wrapped in cellophane so it won't be all taboo with alcohol at the job.
Reply:Yeah Send him the Flower's in his Job
Reply:it depands !!! if he is conservative or an openly person. Some people really wants some special things to happen in special places and its all about the timing.

Guess in 3 months u know much better what kind of a person he is, so its upto you...good luck.

My Personal feeling - i feel little embarassed to receive flowers infront of my collegues, i would choose to receive it elsewhere where two of us are together n having a wonderful time !!!
Reply:i think its weird to send a guy flowers

get him a really nice present
Reply:I think they would tease him about it...I wouldn't take that chance..he might get embarrassed.
Reply:what about take him to a dinner and watch movie
Reply:I personally wouldn't get a guy flowers...my boyfriend's coworkers would give him hell about it for weeks! (I know them) I get my boyfriend stuff that lasts a while longer. I get him gift certificates so he can work on supping up his car or 4-wheeler. I think that if he has a hobby and you get him something that he can use towards it, it will show how much you pay attention and he'll appreciate the thought that went into it!
Reply:I think his friends would rag on him but if he is the boss go girl with your bad self..
Reply:Guys love that sort of thing to happen . I wouldn't make a habit of it or do more than once but he's gonna love it that one time. He'll feel like a big deal in front of his co-workers...works like a charm from my experience!
Reply:I think it is a sweet idea and I would do it to my boyfriend. Why not?

I am sure your guy friend would smile and who cares what the co-workers think.
Reply:I think its a GREAT idea! Will you send me some too?
Reply:I would probably be more inclined to surprise him with a card or something with like dinner reservations or something inside. That would probably be less awkward and more meaningful, too.
Reply:okay get him a wtach he should give you flowers and remember always wear protection
Reply:Sure, I have received flowers at work.

Follow it up with a fax so everybody knows.

He'll love it.
Reply:I think you should go for it girl!!

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