Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I dont know her that well, would sending her flowers be wierd..?

The thing is, i know she is interested in me, and i am interested in her, i met her before i was sent over seas, and "you guessed it"

Im still overseas, so i cant exactly get to know her, but would sending her flowers be wierd, or come off a lil creepy?

I dont know her that well, would sending her flowers be wierd..?
I think it would be sweet. I wouldn't send a lot of flowers, maybe just one rose or something with a card that says "thinking of you".
Reply:No flowers! As in not because it is creepy or weird, but many girls i know hate getting flowers. Flowers are boring and you can't keep them for long. Go ahead and give her something else and just get to know her more like chatting with her in any Messenger or send her emails, ecards, etc. Tell her your feelings after both of you know each other well enough. It shouldn't be difficult since you mentioned she is also interested in you. Good luck to you! hope you get the girl!
Reply:if u know her address{break the ice that way}...If she replys she is also thinkin of u...LOL
Reply:flowers are the loveliest way to break ice...dont send a corny one liner with it though :)
Reply:NO, send the flowers. She will love it!
Reply:send her the flowers she will definetly love them and i think it is the nicest and romantic thing to do
Reply:If you liked her, it might be a safe way to let her know she has an admirer overseas. It could be construed as a little creepy by some people, but I think most would think it's really sweet.
Reply:No, send the flowers! Write something nice on the card like
Reply:sounds really nice. Some girls might find it creepy, while others will completely be warmed and touched by it.

I would love it, personally, but I would also be wondering why someone I don't know that well yet would send me flowers when he's away.

If you sent fun flowers then it would be really cute and thoughtful. Like daisies and stuff, just no roses or anything romantic like that.

She'll be flattered knowing that you're thinking of her in that way instead of a "I love you" way. That might creep her out.

Reply:taking a step.....is better...then doing nothing

dont afred ...do that...she will like that

girl like the bold boys who takes ...the 1st step...
Reply:well if u don;t send her red roses then i don't think will be weird and if u don't send her sm dead flowers then it wont be creepy.......so i think if u send her sm daises or cute flowers like that it will do the trick.
Reply:not at all. do it.
Reply:it wont be wierd as long as she remembers who you are,send her some flowers with a note,she may well be surprised that ur still thinking of her,
Reply:Not a bad idea. Give it a try
Reply:Every woman that I know loves to receive flowers. It will not be creepy as long as you don't do it in a creepy way, make sure you say who they are from, don't send them to her home address even if you know it. Sending to her work place will be much better. Even better ask her out and arrive to pick her up with flowers. Sorry just read the continuation of your question, being that far away you can't ask her out on a date, but you could accompany the flowers with a note asking for a date the next time you are in the same country and say you will be thinking of her everyday until that day comes.
Reply:not creepy...flowers are nice to receive...send the flowers!

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