Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is it okay to call someone after you send flowers to make sure the flowers arrived?

I sent flowers to a very close friend of mine, whose mother passed away. She and I were close. The funeral is out of state. I sent flowers, but do not know if he received to the flowers and card. Is it appropriate to call and ask

Is it okay to call someone after you send flowers to make sure the flowers arrived?
NO!!! Wait till they call you....if they don't call you then the flowers didn't arrive
Reply:This is a real time of grief and obviously he isn't likely to take the time to call everyone who sent him flowers. He got them, leave it at that. If you call, only call to see how he is doing and don't ask about the flowers, he knows and he feels up to it or thinks about it, he will thank you. You should ask the flower shop for confirmation, not him.
Reply:I think that is nice! I think it's a good idea to call your friend and ask if she got the flowers, and tell her how sorry you are for her loss.

During hard times a lot of people really need someone to talk to, and to know that people are there for them, so making more personal contact then sending flowers is a good idea.
Reply:Yes, but do not call and just ask that. Simply call and ask how everything is doing, explain that you wish you could have been there for them but that you did send some flowers their way and hope that they will contact you if they need anything.

I am sorry to hear of your friends loss.
Reply:i wouldn't mention it. your friend is going through a tough time and will thank you for it when she has other things on her mind. right now, she probably is thinking about her mom and not your flowers. i would call her and talk to her and give her words of sympathy, but not mention the flowers.
Reply:of coarse it is OK, it shows them that you care about them and it shows that they mean a lot to you. That is always good when you are feeling down to kn ow that somebody is there for you. BE a sensitive caring person and go and see if those flowers arrived is what I say
Reply:As a friend you can always call and ask if she got the flowers and you can also mention that you're sorry to hear about her loss
Reply:Call after a day or two. Right now, they're kind of preoccupied and can't thank everyone. (Also, you can call the florist - someone had to sign for them.)
Reply:No, but leave a good few days after funeral. Say you are making sure they are coping and give them a chance to tell you that they received them ok.
Reply:you should call to check on your friend and support their loss. if she got them she will definitely tell you thank you, or if she doesn't just say "i hope the flowers i sent brightened your day a bit "
Reply:Call, and talk about what you felt...........if she mentions it........it is good........otherwise you can ask.........
Reply:Thats fine!

It's good to let the person know you sent them anyway!
Reply:i think its fine

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