Saturday, November 14, 2009

When did you last send or receive a lovely bunch of flowers?

I was sent lovely flowers a few months ago. Lillies and pink roses they lasted for over two weeks.

When did you last send or receive a lovely bunch of flowers?
A lovely ex-colleague of mine who has kept in regular contact, arranged a luncheon this week and gave me a beautiful arrangement of flowers just because!

So sweet :)
Reply:Sent a bunch to my daughter's mother-in-law's funeral 15 years ago. Received 4 giant bouquets, roses and carnations from my first husband after I kicked him out for his cheating and abusive habits, 44 years ago. Kids and I needed food, and he sent flowers. Jerk.
Reply:I gave my sister some about two and a half weeks ago.

Last time I received would be over 3yrs ago when my partner was still alive.

Reply:Sent last Valentines day but my guy brings home flowers a couple of times a month for me too.
Reply:i sent my best friend a nice bunch for helping me after i had an operation on my shoulder ,it was a big thank you
Reply:sent, a few months ago :)

received, a few years ago :(
Reply:Thats me upset . I don`t get flowers or chocolates. I get nothing from anybody. Not even on Valentines day..
Reply:i recieved 1 single red rose from interflora, it also contained a vase and hand made chocs, the card read ,with all my love , no name ,"you no who you are "so thankyou so much xx
Reply:My sister gave me a lovely bunch of flowers last Sunday, they are in my kitchen window and smell gorgeous.
Reply:This afternoon I just sent some flowers and chocolates to an online friend for her birthday on Wednesday
Reply:Received: Yesterday from my dad who was traveling for nearly a whole week.

Sent: Never.

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