Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sending flowers, is it okay ---?

to send flowers like to a women who you barely know and that they are taken cuz some told me they don't get the attention they deserve and that i thought i would be nice to do it but not sure if its good idea but depending on what has said in a note

Sending flowers, is it okay ---?
Is she married and you want to brighten her day because she isn't getting any attention at home? In that case, I wouldn't send anything. If she is single and no husband then great idea..go ahead..
Reply:if you send her flowers, then she might think that you are interest in her. just hang out with her like you would do with your friends.
Reply:Aww thats soo sweet.

It's a lovely idea!
Reply:Thats perfectly okay, sending chocolates are also okay dont worry thats just what everybody does.
Reply:it is sweet,

but make sure you tell her that you don't mean anything by that

(like you want to sleep with her)

be friendly

without any hints
Reply:it depends on your motives. if she is single and you are that's fine. if you want it to be just a friendly keep it simple and something that a friend would send. let it known from the start be honest
Reply:i think its a great idea.

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