Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sending flowers to my wife's work?

What can I write on the card? I'm trying to make these seem not-very-special. Just wanting to surprise her with something that will make her office prettier.

What would WOW her?

Sending flowers to my wife's work?
Put on there "This will take care of that empty corner of your desk!" Just joking. Just write, "Just because," on there. I guarantee that will do the trick.

And if you send her flowers, they will be special.
Reply:That's so sweet. I don't think it matters what they are. As long as they are pretty to you they will be pretty to her. Just write on the card that you thought she'd like these and that you love her and thinking about her. That's more than enough.
Reply:You're contradicting yourself... "not-very -special" that would "WOW" her? Anyways, how about a simple "I love you" or "Thinking of you" or "Hope you are having a wonderful day".
Reply:I agree with "Just Because" nothing makes a women happier then feeling like you still think she is worth it. One lucky lady!
Reply:Say something like "To make your day brighter"
Reply:How about:

"Just a little something to help your office look a beautiful and special as you."
Reply:Wow ur a special to my husband!!!! lol

How about

Remember that time I... Remember the time you... How about the time we... Oh heck, remember all our good times? I do! Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you.

When I think of you, I think about your pretty smile, your sexy voice, our first kiss and it make me wish I can see you, at least hear from you. I'm Thinking of you!
Reply:just a reminder of my love for you and to brighten up your day.
Reply:just put -------------to my love hope this brightens your day love u always
Reply:I'm confused. You say you don't want them to be "not-very-special" but then you want to "WOW" her. So I'm not sure how to answer you. Receiving flowers from my husband "out of the blue" would definetely "WOW" me. All he would have to do is sign his name. But he would probably add things like...

Any special phase that we share,

Words from my favorite song,

or a simple compliment about (my hair, my butt or boobs etc)

Good Luck!
Reply:Well, I knew someone who sent his wife a card just saying "I want you tonight" and his wife didn't come home from work that day until about 11:30 pm and didn't answer her cell or anything. When he asked her about the flowers she turned white as a ghost.

You can guess how the rest of that went.
Reply:Why don't you write on the card that you are think of her.
Reply:Flowers sent to the workplace are tacky, and for most men, a sign of guilt. Bring flowers home and arrange them in a nice vase on the table, with the message "Just Because" on the card - it will be so much more appreciated.
Reply:Just say "Thats right becuase I felt Like it" that brings humor and sincerity into the situation. A women loves to laugh and loves to be loved so your killing two brids with one stone
Reply:There's no such thing as not-very-special flowers. Flowers make every woman feel very special. *don't care who you are! That is very sweet I hope someone helps you with what to put on the card. My mind just went blank.
Reply:have them put on the card: just thinking of you!
Reply:Why would you want them to seem not-very-special? Once I got flowers for no reason and it was AWESOME! She will be the envy of all the other women in the office!!! Just put a little note with some bright colored flowers and say "just something to brighten your day!"

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