Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sending flowers to your husbands work?

Would it be stupid or silly to have a single rose with a teddy bear sent to your husbands office for Valentines Day? Something simple, nothing fancy. How many men would be flattered by this and think it sweet or would it be silly and would you be embarrased?

Sending flowers to your husbands work?
Personally, I think it would be very sweet of you to do that. However, you need to think about the kind of guy your husband really is and also the kind of work environment your husband is in. He may think it's a romantic gesture, but may feel uneasy about receiving such a gift at work.
Reply:It's a nice thought! Buy a nice piece of lingerie for yourself, and wear a raincoat, then show him what you just got, and I think he'll like that more!!
Reply:just saw a show on this exact subject....don't do it, he will be embarassed........better to show your affection when he gets home from gone to grandmas....candlelit....oh yeah, don't forget to fix him dinner too :)
Reply:if your husband's work place is mostly women, then sent it; otherwise don't
Reply:Lots of girls above this answer are telling you to do it. I am a man and I am telling you: don't do it. Women complain that men don't think about what a woman would like when picking out a present for them. Well, you are doing the same thing! Men do NOT want flowers and teddy bears.
Reply:I say, if you want to show him that you love him by sending him something at work (so everyone else knows he is loved), don't send him flowers and/or teddy bears or other lovey-mushy type things. Instead, send him something manly you know he will love and others will be jealous of. For instance, tickets to a sporting event of his favorite team, a gift card for Home Depot or a sporting goods store, or something having to do with his favorite hobby or activity. If what you want to get him is too big to send to his work, take a picture of it and have it delivered with a box of candy, cookies, or brownies (or something that he loves).
Reply:I don't care what men say. They love it. It might be a little embarassing for them, but deep down they love it. I did that once and he said he was embarassed, but later added that he really liked it and thanked me...Go for it!
Reply:Most guys don't like it when they get lovey stuff at work.
Reply:It's a really sweet sentiment, and I've sent flowers to a boyfriend's place of work before, but it was to congratulate him about something and NOT Valentine's Day.

I just wouldn't do it--wait and do something really romantic at home.
Reply:I think it would be cute, i would do it. But if you think your hubby might not like it maybe you should wait till later to give him flowers.
Reply:I am sure someone might like it, but I think the majority of people, men and women, perfer to keep their personal life out of the office. As a woman, I would hate it if someone sent a public display of affection to my workplace.

You should know your husband better then any one who could answer the question. By answering the question, you have some doubts. so you probably shouldn't do it.
Reply:I wouldn't do it.

He would get razzed by the other guys, causing him to feel uncomfortable for the next few days. That's not the gift you want to give him.

I would give him a CD, some cool gadget, or a gift card to Best Buy for Valentines. Not many guys want teddy bears or flowers. Don't give him what you want, be considerate and give him what HE wants.


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