Saturday, November 14, 2009

When a loved one passes away to send fresh flowers?

Why do you think it's important when a loved one passes away to send fresh flowers or a live plant to the funeral home in addition to any monetary contribution to their charity of choice, if that is your desire rather than in place of sending flowers or plants?

When a loved one passes away to send fresh flowers?
No one expects flowers And contribution. You make a choice.
Reply:its a great sign of respect...
Reply:Yes, it makes things less gloomy and shows respect for the person as you read the cards.

The plants and most flowers are given afterwards to the church, someone in a nursing home, or one of the relatives to keep to home.
Reply:When my grandmother passed she said that she would not enjoy the flowers for obvious reasons and asked us all to donate that money for the poor. "If you want to give me a flower, give it to me while I'm alive", she said.

People didn't listen except for a few. We filled two trucks with flowers.

On the other hand, my co-workers bought a tree for me (I was doing my landscaping at the time) when my father passed. It was a way for me to remember his life.

Like someone said before me, it's a sign of respect.
Reply:i send plastic flowers then i ask for them back after the funeral....i reuse bunch of flowers for $2.50 lasts me several funerals
Reply:it's all about your choice but before you do anything check if the family wishes are different and/or specific instead of flowers or contribution.


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