Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where did the tradition of sending flowers at funerals arise from?

The Egyptians. They aromafied the air for the deceased and also burned scented oils. Hail the Lotus Flower... For it was the first to be reconise as a sacred plant!

Where did the tradition of sending flowers at funerals arise from?
the roman goddess flora. the greeks started the whole thing from there myths and legends
Reply:Flower pollens have been unearthed in almost every ancient grave that has been discovered...so the answer is, people have been putting flowers on graves from a time well before any records have survived. Its a gesture of hope in a rebirth. Plants dies every year in winter adn are reborn again in spring...a powerful idea to primitive man.
Reply:I dont know but a lot of countries bury there dead the same day
Reply:Plants and flowers are symbols of life. They are given with the hope that the deceased will find a new life in the next world.
Reply:It's only a tradition, on significance at all.
Reply:I believe it was to cover the smell of the dead. I don't know who started it.
Reply:Archeologists are always digging up graves where flowers were buried with the person. Even the very primitive people, before actual recorded history, did this. So I guess it's something that just "stuck" with people.
Reply:I think it's just like..flowers are sweet smelling, and considered very..wonderful. So it's like, if you love someone, you send them flowers. Even if they're dead...it's a respect/love thing. At least, that's my guess.


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