Saturday, November 14, 2009

What do you think of someone who sends flowers to themselves?

The card contains inspirational messages. Is it a self-esteem thing or what?

What do you think of someone who sends flowers to themselves?
I would honestly think they are not very happy deep inside and need to do little things to cheer themselves up. Im not saying they are desperate or something bad like that, I just think they are a little bit lonely or need some cheering up in their lives.
Reply:well that's sad unless they just wnt some decoration!! lol!!!
Reply:I guess it makes sense if you'd like some flowers and you can't pick any up. Why not call and have them delivered!?!
Reply:The only flowers I plan on sending myself are for my funeral.... and I'm going to put it on my credit card.
Reply:i think they should seek professional help
Reply:That would be fun. If you don't love yourself, who will. Now if they are pretending like it came from someone else, then there is a problem.
Reply:I haven't sent any to myself, but I have bought them for myself when I have had a bad day.
Reply:Depends on why they are sending the flowers to themselves if it is just a treat I guess it is OK kinda dumb but OK you can just go out and buy them and put them on you desk or in your home.

But if they are doing it so it would like like someone sent them then that's sad!!!!
Reply:that jus sounds great

i love my self and i'll do it ,

if you love your self do it too,be nice to your self theres nothin' wrong with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:conceited and or vain
Reply:It sounds like this person is being their own best friend. Instead of dismissing this person out of hand, be nice %26amp; send him/her flowers or a card w/some kind words.
Reply:Well, I've sent myself flowers before because I really love flowers and I've never had a person in my life who is big on flower sending. I wouldn't think too much about it. Maybe she was going through a tough time and needed cheering up. You never know-- maybe they were sent on the anniversary of her mother's death or something. When I was in training at my job for pharmaceutical sales, (8 weeks away from home), I sent myself and, (and my roommate) a beautiful bouquet of flowers because I needed cheering up. I don't think it is strange. Now, if you said the card said, "You are so perfect. I love you. Never leave..." then, that would be strange. :)
Reply:Wow! That is interesting. I have never heard of anything like that before. Maybe they feel better when sending flowers to themselves I guess. I don't know.
Reply:that is very common.. and i personally think it is a great idea. especially when u forget you have sent them. wow surprise.. you shouldnt have.
Reply:when ever i have to leave my self a email (for whatever reason) i leave my self a nice/funny message and i usually forget about it and it makes me laugh.

i think its good, as a person going into psychology. its a great tool not only because you leave yourself words of encouragement, but it brightens up the room for days to come.
Reply:they don't find anyone who cares for them , they need to be loved, and they are insecure.
Reply:Either someone with a sense of humor, or a very lonely person trying to get the message through.
Reply:Many possibilities. Insecurity;loneliness;for the fun of it;to make themselves feel better, the possibilities are endless. I think it's kinda of cute. Shows that the person who does this has high self-esteem of themselves ( that's MY opinion) and that's good. definitely NOT desperate
Reply:It is wonderful like buying food for the soul. What a great thing to do for oneselve, maybe they can become the flower.
Reply:i suppose i would think she likes fresh flowers and its a pick me up to her day...

try it- u might enjoy it too

Reply:to make their self feel good about themselves
Reply:That is too funny,, I have never heard of anyone doing that..although they could of done it, and no one would ever know.

But now come to think about it,,, I am sure it is done all the time...

I think flowers would make my day..

What color should I order?? lol

(just joking// i think it would ruin the meaning)
Reply:It sounds like this person thinks alot of themselves! I love the idea! Why wait for someone else to do what you can do for yourself? It's nice to have them from someone else but why wait? I am sending myself flowers Monday! Thanks for the idea!
Reply:I guess it's the easiest %26amp; fastest way for a, "pick-me-up?" on a blue day for that person.

I don't think it's so much of a self-esteem issue is more that sometimes we all need a little "me" time to ourselves to treat ourselves better.

Nothing wrong with that so long you don't go overboard =)
Reply:not getting enough attention from others.
Reply:Do what makes you feel good. Getting flowers makes you feel special then do it!

saying I love you in the merror and patting yourself on the need to love yourself and be good to is good and we all need to make the best of it. she is not hurting anyone so why do you all say things negative to a girl who sends herself flowers?

I think she is brilliant!
Reply:some that needs to feel loved and needed
Reply:Sounds like they are in some need of attention or they just really love fresh flowers hehe
Reply:hmmm must not be any fun to run around in large groups of one
Reply:that person is very lonly she or he needs to have a boy friend or a pet but i dont no

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