Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How do I send flowers from New York to London for my BF on his b'day?

Since I don't wana use any credit card to make payment online, I prefer not to send them through internet ! Are there any international florist in Queens, New York who might accept cash payment ?? :)

How do I send flowers from New York to London for my BF on his b'day?
You dont!
Reply:Short answer: most local florists can take care of international order.

Long answer: most local florists are members of at least one floral wire network: mercury (FTD), dove (Teleflora), or bloomnet (1800flowers). What we do is that we take your order and electronically transmit the order over one of these wire networks to another local florist in the destination town. That's what FTD.com, 1-800-flowers do. Same thing.

For an international order, your wire order must go through the Head-Quarter of the Wire-Service company (except Canada). Because of that, there will be a service fee.

First call a local florist in Queen to make sure if they can handle an international order. Then ask about their "wire" fee. $12-15 is reasonable for international orders.
Reply:** Ring the florist in his area direct and direct debit the money before hand
Reply:Ring up Flortists In London, give them your credit details. Works the same way, Otherise request their banking details and you can do it online.
Reply:check online for Tele-florists, find one in your area, then go pay in person! I've done it.
Reply:Check your phone book for an FTD or a 1-800-flowers store in your area. You can go in and pay cash if you wish.
Reply:Yes. This is how it works: You go to your local florist, and tell them that you want to "Wire-Out" flowers to England. This system is becoming increasingly out-dated (and is being phased out) because so many people use the internet, but any established flower shop should still be able to meet this request.

Each flower shop has a different way of handling things, they may show you a book and allow you to choose a design, or because you are sending soooo far away, they may not give you much of a choice. In most cases, you will not be able to be demanding, you cannot choose specific flowers, or specific designs...why? because who knows what flowers are available in England during this time of year.

Additionally, make your order EARLY. A lot of international orders need like 1-2 weeks advanced noticed. And, expect to pay A LOT more money, because you have to pay a handling fee to have the flower shop place the order. And, many flower shops are shady, and will charge you a lot more since international orders can be huge hassle, and they only make like a 20% commission on it.

Plan on spending anywhere from $80 to $150 on a dozen roses. And, don't expect them to be the nice long, stemmed kind either.

Still don't want to use the internet? Sorry Sistah, but that's the way to go nowadays.
Reply:No and besides you wouldn't want to send flowers from NYC to London, they would be icky by then. What you need to do is call a flowershop in London and have them deliver. You will have to use your credit/debit card but over the phone...not on the internet.
Reply:Do you have Interflora there?
Reply:Most good florists will be happy to be a middle man and charge you $200 to call another florist and pay them $100 to send some flowers for you. Find one you trust and go see them.
Reply:you may want to check online to see if they accept electronic checks...if thats an option youre willing to go with. Other than that, Im not sure o.O
Reply:use the net.. easy ! get a prepaid credit card since you don't want to use yours.. ! I have yet to meet anyone that has had their c/card abused off the net! esp from a flower shop!

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