Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why is Sending flowers to a girl makes her heart flutter?

bec. girls love flowers so much!!

Why is Sending flowers to a girl makes her heart flutter?
It makes you feel special that he was thinking of you and your were worth the cost of the flowers, which is kind of expensive now a days.

Plus, if you get them at work, OMG do you feel special.

My hubby use to bring me home a rose, everyday.

He worked with his dad and would pick it from his dad's neighbor.

We had 5 kids and no money for roses, but I got them anyhow, it was very nice, just showed me he was thinking of me everyday.
Reply:it makes her feel your thinking about her and the fact your willing to spend money and go look for flowers for her its so sweet
Reply:It's the thought behind it that you are willing to buy flowers to please me, make me happy and flowers are beautiful!
Reply:it's not the flowers themselves so much as the fact that she knows you spent some money on her
Reply:Women love men who try. Flowers are beautiful and are a classic gesture of romance. Flowers also have meanings too A informed woman can get a message without you really having to say anything. Everyone knows that red roses are "I love you". Whether it is flowers, a poem, jewelry or as simple as running after her hat that got swept off , She'll adore you for the effort.

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