Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sending flowers to girl i like, graduation, what 2 write?

We met in Italy while studying here, I'm still in Italy, she's back home

Sending flowers to girl i like, graduation, what 2 write?
"Congratulations on your graduation. I'm proud of you". If you want to send her flowers to express your love, do it on another occasion. Keep in mind, that by sending her flowers for her graduation, you are showing that you care about her.
Reply:Maybe don't use as strong words as I love you because you may come out too be strong or alianate her. Write "Congratulation on your big day. I hope for the best in the future. Remember you always have me here if you need someone to lean on. Take care and know that someone in Italy cares about you very much." Well, something like that. Don't come out to strong and if you tell her you like her don't say that you love her until you find out how she feels about you.
Reply:tell her you want her to be your boo. And when you come home you all should be together.
Reply:just tell her congrats and then say something like " Miss you since you've been gone. Can't wait to see you again."
Reply:just wanted to let you know i really like/love you or wutever!
Reply:I wish I was there to help you celebrate your great accomplishment! I miss you......Congratulations!
Reply:Half way across the world

I find myself

always thinking of you.

Thinking of me too?
Reply:Hi, when u do send flowers to this girl. and just say smething sweet to her and hopes she likies it . good luck
Reply:"I find myself smiling when I think of you"

Love, ___________
Reply:Send her some nice flowers but don't swamp her with a lot on the card. Tell her something nice and she will know you are thinking of her. Then, send her a more detailed letter or something letting her know your feelings.
Reply:Hopefully you can travel the world some more, now that you are free!!! Congradulations on you graduation!
Reply:Congrats, I hope to see you again someday.

Either that or if ur some god like poet.
Reply:I love you!
Reply:Love you
Reply:Send some. keep the note, simple that you enjoyed her time there, and you'd liek to keep in touch, leave an email and phone and address
Reply:Dear girl,

i miss you passionately and uncontrollable. i wish i could be there with you right now, in person. You know that's not passable. i love you with every pump of my heart. that will never change.

how dost that sound?. i think she will like it, put more to it with your own stuff.you know to make it like you.good luck.=)
Reply:U r the most amazing person i ever met.Wish u luck, luv and success in future.Wud u like to see me sometime?
Reply:Try to catch her.
Reply:congratulations hope to see you soon
Reply:congratulations, This is just a begining.

I love you.
Reply:Write something in Italian then, i like this one:

In un momento

Sono sfiorite le rose

I petali caduti

Perché io non potevo dimenticare le rose

Le cercavamo insieme

Abbiamo trovato delle rose

Erano le sue rose erano le mie rose

Questo viaggio chiamavamo amore

Col nostro sangue e colle nostre lagrime facevamo le rose

Che brillavano un momento al sole del mattino

Le abbiamo sfiorite sotto il sole tra i rovi

Le rose che non erano le nostre rose

Le mie rose le sue rose

P.S. E così dimenticammo le rose.

Author Dino Campana.

Good luck
Reply:This is just a reminder of the beauty that's to come! Congrats on your first step towards your new life...I'm proud of you. Love, Me

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