Saturday, November 14, 2009

Which flowers have the lightest or no scent?

My friends are having a housewarming party this weekend and I am not able to attend but wanted to send flowers. The husband's nose is very sensitive to smell, but he like flowers. I am trying to fgure out which flowers have the lightest scent or better yet no scent at all. Thanks.

Which flowers have the lightest or no scent?
If you are sending flowers through a florist, they can give you many suggestions. Also consider a plant- it is something they can keep for a long time. Another idea is something for their garden- a flowering bush such as lilac or forsythia or a butterfly bush (they get butterflies added in the deal) kitty willow (filter won't allow proper name) or roses (these can be ordered through a nursery for delivery at the proper planting time with a card sent right now to let them know what's coming). People who like flowers but have sensitive noses can enjoy them through a window. If the whole flower thing gets to be a headache there is always a garden statue, crystal any thing or a bottle of wine!
Reply:Mums have no scent at all. Dafodils have a mild scent, but you practically have to stick your nose in them to smell it (unless you have a huge bunch of them). Gerber daisies are beautiful and have no scent. Same with Astilbe, sunflowers, asters, purple statice, snapdragons, pink/yellow alstroemeria, iris.

I think some carnations have a mild smell.

Stay away from Lilies - they are the ones that smell up a whole room at a viewing. Tulips and freesia are strong smelling also. Roses, of course, unless they're hot house roses - sometimes they have no scent.
Reply:A good artificial arrangement is nice and will last for a long time. You can spray a very light perfume on them for an added touch.
Reply:to me Petunias, Impatiens, and Begonias don't have much sent but thats me they might to other people
Reply:Geraniums (not the scented ones, obviously) have a mild scent; as do hydrangeas and azaleas. They are pretty and can be put out in the garden as well.
Reply:Try orchids. I have heard that they are the only flower that does not affect someone who is sensitive to flower scents.
Reply:silk ones!,,,maybe send a plant instead like I do to my mother in law who is very sensitive to flowers and smells. Sorry you can't go.

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