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When & where do you send flowers for a funeral?

Do you send the flowers prior to the time of the funeral? I know this sounds like a silly question, but I'm not hip to funeral etiquette. Thanks for any help.

When %26amp; where do you send flowers for a funeral?
Call the local florist and have them delivered to the Funeral home... It doesnt matter as long as they are there before the funeral.....

Hope this helps....


Unless you want them delivered afterwards to someone particular... Then do this a day after the funeral to that person....
Reply:Send them as soon as you get the details!!! And send them to the funeral directory making the arrangements!!!
Reply:You can call the florist as soon as you know the name of the funeral home. In a small town, the florist will probably run that down for you too. The florist will see that the flowers are there in a timely manner.
Reply:call the funeral home and they will tell ya what to do.
Reply:Find out where the funeral is being held - in a funeral home or in a church or whatever, and call the florist to have the bouquet delivered to the location where the celebration of life is taking place.
Reply:Contact a florist in the community where the funeral will be held. Give them the date, the name of the funeral home, and the name of the deceased. Give them at least a day or two warning, and they should be able to do a very nice job for you. It's OK to contact the florist earlier than that, but later won't do much except make you look like a doofus. Early is good.
Reply:Flowers should be sent to the funeral home because they arrange them around the casket. Often there will be a picture of the person set up near some flower arrangements.
Reply:Call the florist in the town the funeral is to be held, try to call as soon as possible, they will get the flowers there on time.
Reply:You can send flowers to the funeral home, to the church, or to the family's home. Most funeral announcements specify where, if they don't call the funeral home and ask. That is part of their job to help get the flowers to the right place at the right time. The place you order the flowers from is usually pretty helpful too - sometimes they work with a particular funer home often enough that they know what they want.

1. Look at the death notice, see if they specify.

2. Call the funeral home and ask.
Reply:you send flowers to the deceased, in care of the funeral home or mortuary, that is doing the care.
Reply:You send the flowers to the funeral home on the day of the funeral. If you feel close to the bereaved person, it may be acceptable to send them some flowers at home to let them know u r thinking of them.

Ensure you check the funeral notice - often they request flowers not to be sent in lieu of a donation to a charity e.g a cancer charity etc.
Reply:Generally you send the flowers to the church or funeral home where the service will be held. That way, they are at the service but the family can take them home afterwards.
Reply:Send them before the funeral to the funeral home. That way at the viewing there are a ton a flowers there and the family goes around and looks at all of them.
Reply:A friend of mine is a florist and she has gotten orders for flowers almost as soon as a person has died. In fact I think she prefers the orders to come in as soon as possible. The florist usually knows where the person is going to be taken. A lot of people send them to the funeral home, but I know some also go to the home. I think it depends upon how well you know the family or person.
Reply:Flowers should arrive at the Funeral Home after the body is laid in state. That way they are there in the room as a show of your sympathy toward the family. And may I extend my condolences on the loss you have suffered.
Reply:Contact the funeral home where the deceased is being interred. They will tell you if the family wishes flowers, or donations to a certain Charity instead or what ever arrangements that needs to be made.

This is the standard way of funeral etiquette
Reply:The funeral home the before the funeral. That way they will still be fresh and able to be viewed by everyone.
Reply:It's best to send flowers the day of the first viewing, and you would send them to the funeral home. The Funeral director would then arrange them for the viewing.
Reply:When? After the person has died and before the mourners arrive.

Where? To the funeral parlor where the wake is.
Reply:Most peole have answered this, so I thought I would add something new. A lot of times, the family receving the flowers doesn't want flowers, esp since they typically get so many. Sometimes they request that any money spent on flowers be sent to a specific chairty insteaed. So check that this isn't true before you send flowers. Also, I know when my grandfather past away, some people got me fruit baskets, which were absoloutley wonderful. Iwasn't in the mood to cook, so I had some fresh food at home to munch on when I was hungry. I appreciated this much more than tons of flowers that made my home smell like a funeral.
Reply:Best thing is to phone the funeral directors and ask if flowers are accepted. They will tell you where to send them. Usually it is to them.
Reply:You usually send them to the funeral home the day of the wake. Some families also ask to give a donation to Charity in the name of the deceased in lieu of flowers!!!! Maybe you could look into that...the donation will live longer than the flowers.
Reply:Usually people send them to the funeral home for the wake, then the funeral home takes them to the cemetery for the family. Hope this helps you.
Reply:It would probably mean more to the loved ones if you brought them yourself.

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