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I am trying to seduce a girl to go out with me. Is sending her flowers a good way to go?

I am trying to seduce a girl to go out with me. Is sending her flowers with a card a good gesture? A friend of mine said that if you send a lady flowers it looks llike you're trying to buy her, but my interpretation is that it is a romantic gesture. What do you guys think? Any other suggestions for seduction (G-Rated please)?


I am trying to seduce a girl to go out with me. Is sending her flowers a good way to go?
Seduce means to persuade to have sex. But yes, surprise her by having someone send her flowers at her job or at her house with a card signed by you.
Reply:i don't think you really meant seduction, right? seduction is sexual. i think you actually meant you wanted to approach a girl, didn't you?

well, sending flowers is a good gesture. give her a call after she has received the flowers and ask her out. if she said no, don't push her. just wait for the good timing and ask her out again. good luck.
Reply:Try writing a small poem about her. Send her a one liner about once a day for a little while. One liner such as : ' Your smile makes the sun shine bright'.
Reply:flowers are nice. send them to her workplace with your name on it.

it depends on the girl and what she thinks.

just don't try too hard because she either likes you or she doesn't. you can't force it on her.
Reply:r u handsome?

r u el macho?

r u her type?

is she open for any -you know...

if yes...then go to her and let her watch some movies with you (R 18s) then seduce beating around the bush, pal!
Reply:ye u should find out her fav flower and sent her them but dont b to pushy u no tk 2 her aswell and b nice but dont be to pushy send her chocolatez to i love chocolate it may be a natural thing but it nice
Reply:I don't think it sends the message that you are trying to buy her but it will send the message that she can expect little gifts from you which can get costly. I'd recommend against the flowers for that reason alone.

Listen, having a lot of money just means that you have more to lose. The money you make is yours. Its best to not to even let her know you have much. I know its easier to pick up chicks by flaunting cash but its better to try and weed out possible gold diggers from the beginning rather than encourage them. Keep a good woman, good. If you start spoiling her with gifts she's liable to start acting like a spoiled princess. There is more to you than your money. Just try to be confident and figure out a way to ask her out.
Reply:Seduction generally works the other way, you have to impress her, not seduce !!
Reply:Your friend is a moron..(sorry) any lady would have a smile on her face if you send them flowers and a small card saying something nice asking her out
Reply:yeah but don`t try too hard
Reply:You dont seduce a girl.. that is not a good thing... if you want to date with her, ask her out properly.. with her parents permission... and bring her to nice and cozy resturant and dont do anything beyond expected ;-)

The girl will have impression that you are a gentleman and can be trusted, then you can get your second date ;-)

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